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The Boomtown Rats announce ‘Citizens of Boomtown’ — first new album in 36 years

Seven years after Bob Geldof reunited with The Boomtown Rats for the first time since their 1986 split, the group is set to release a new album , marking 2020 — the Year of the Rat — with a new 10-song collection called Citizens of Boomtown, the band’s first LP since 1984.

The album, produced by Rats bassist Pete Briquette, is due out March 13 via BMG on CD, vinyl and digital platforms. It’ll be preceded by the first single, “Trash Glam Baby,” on Jan. 10.

Why a new record now? Geldof explains:

“Because that’s what bands do. They make records. Songwriters write songs. There’s so much to respond to in this new and different febrile atmosphere that we live in. People forget we took our name from Woody Guthrie, the great musical activist. I think The Boomtown Rats have always shown that rock’n’roll is a form of musical activism. The music has intent and purpose even if that is just the sound, about boy/girl, nothing particularly at all, everything in general, or pointed polemical… whatever.”

The Rats — Geldof, Briquette, Simon Crowe and Garry Roberts — will follow the release of the album with a 10-date U.K. tour, beginning March 26 in Brighton and wrapping up May 2 in Newcastle. It’s not yet known if the band has further touring plans for 2020, including shows in the U.S.

Below, check out the album art and tracklist for Citizens of Boomtown — and check out those tour dates.


Boomtown Rats, Citizens of Boomtown

1. “Trash Glam, Baby”
2. “Sweet Thing”
3. “Monster Monkeys”
4. “She Said No”
5. “Passing Through”
6. “Here’s A Postcard”
7. “K.I.S.S.”
8. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Yé Yé”
9. “Get A Grip”
10. “The Boomtown Rats”


Boomtown Rats tour dates

March 26: The Dome, Brighton, UK
March 27: Town Hall, Cheltenham, UK
April 15: Town Hall, Birmingham, UK
April 17: Grand Central Hall, Liverpool, UK
April 18: The Great Hall, Cardiff, UK
April 24: Corn Exchange, Cambridge, UK
April 25: Barbican, York, UK
April 29: The Ritz, Manchester, UK
May 1: The Palladium, London, UK
May 2: The Sage, Newcastle, UK





  1. Pop quiz: Name one other Boomtown Rats song.

  2. Scott Stalcup

    “Rat Trap” and “Lookin’ After #1” have been favorites since high school (1989-1993) if you’re still asking.

  3. Yes! Been waiting for years! Love The Rats!

  4. “Drag Me Down” from their final (underrated) album “In the Long Grass”. Hoping for US dates!

  5. And don’t forget the brilliant Diamond Smiles

  6. Superb band been a fan since1977 the best news a new album and documentary what more can I say best band in world by a mile

  7. Hi anybody got details on the documentary mentioned…..thanks

  8. Can name all rats singles lookin after no1 Mary she’s so modern like clockwork rat trap Mondays diamond smiles someone’s looking at you banana republic guilty never in a million house on fire charmed lives tonight drag me down Dave a hold of me Ratliff EP

  9. Denise Dunn

    Dun laoghaire! It was a B side on a yellow floppy plastic disc back in the late 70’s.
    I am looking forward to this new album very much so I can do the rat one more time! Thats easy Bob! Xxx

  10. My copy is green. I think it was published by Flexipop magazine.

  11. Up All Night. Great little tune.

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