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Vince Clarke not expected to participate in Rock Hall induction of Depeche Mode

Vince Clarke and Martin Gore discuss their VCMG project in 2012

For Depeche Mode fans hoping the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this spring will bring all five current and former members — Dave Gahan, Martin L. Gore, Andrew Fletcher, Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder — together onstage, don’t hold your breath.

The latest edition of the Erasure Information Service newsletter includes a blurb congratulating Depeche Mode on its induction, and noting that Erasure’s Clarke and Wilder each will be inducted alongside the current members. But, the newsletter’s writer Richard Evans adds, “Vince told me that he is delighted ‘for the lads’ but — before you ask! — it’s unlikely that he will be involved in the ceremony in any way.”

This echoes comments Clarke made to Vanyaland in 2018 about a then-theoretical DM induction:

“Depeche Mode, they’ve had an amazing career and they’ve worked incredibly hard to get where they are at the moment. They deserve all of the credit. All I did was started the band — you know what I’m saying? I wouldn’t go. Apart from that, I don’t have a nice suit.”

As for Wilder, who has spent his post-DM years focusing on his Recoil project, it’s not yet known if he plans to attend the May 2 ceremony in Cleveland — and if he does, whether the band will invite him to perform.

Both Clarke and Wilder have maintained ties to the Depeche Mode camp since their departures and even collaborated with the band and its members, with Clarke recording an instrumental electronic project with Gore called VCMG and Wilder both remixing a DM track and joining the band onstage in 2010.





  1. I agree with Vince. He isn’t Depeche Mode and I highly doubt they would be who and where they are had Alan Wilder not joined in his absence.

  2. Vincent is a founding member and should go to the ceremony. Just can’t get enough is the song that launched Depeche into the mainstream. He played a major part in creating the album Speak and Spell which hit top 10 albums in the UK.

  3. I agree with Snarf, Mr. Vince Clarke is a founding member, & deserves to be apart of the ceremony. Just can’t get enough is the song that launched DM, so Yes, He Is a part of Depeche Mode, & deserves to be present just as much as Alan. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Clarke must add a true gentleman & a genius at his work!! Much Love & Respect to Mr. Clarke. & to all members of Depeche Mode.

  4. No way. Depeche Modes massive success was built on Alan wilder. Facts are facts. They were never the same after he left. They are still riding on the nostalgia of the Alan Wilder years.

    I’m a huge fan. Seen them in concert about 10 times now and in no way does the music have the same melodic lifts that wilder gave it.

    I may have to get HBO just to see Alan on stage with them.

  5. I too, agree with Snarf that Vince is a founding member BUT left after ‘Speak & Spell’ was done. Vince HIMSELF doesn’t feel his work, “Just Can’t Get Enough” not withstanding, with Depeche Mode warrants his presence with the band at the May 2nd induction ceremony. He may have been instrumental in getting them out there but it’s Martin, Dave, Andy & Alan who brought Depeche Mode to prominence in the music industry. Between late ’81 & 1985 Vince started(& concluded)two other significant projects(Yazoo[Yaz in the US]/The Assembly)BEFORE starting/continuing the 35 years he’s spent with Erasure(& if inducted, I’m sure he’d proudly stand with Andy Bell)-they’ve been eligible since 2011

  6. Myles Matisse

    Both Martin Gore and Alan Wilder should definitely both go to the induction ceremony, give individual speeches and become a 5 piece on stage and perform a handful of Depeche Mode songs from the beginning of their career onward. Vince Clarke could be on keys and guitar, Alan Wilder could be on keys and drums, Martin Gore could be on keys and guitar, Fletch could be on keys and of course Dave would be singing. It could be masterful and a one time performance by all 5 to fully honor their musical legacy.

  7. Agree with Monkian. Depeche Mode;s sound was never the same after Alan Wilder left. He used his own influences as a classically trained pianist and added much more harmonic tension to the songs along with complex chord changes and cutting edge industrial sounds. This gave their music a dark and melancholy feel. The music post Alan doesn’t move you the way it did when he was putting the synth parts in. I would say Martin brought the poetry and Alan added the music. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marin altered the melody as Alan layed down the tracks.

  8. Myself,being an I instrumental musician for more than 30 years and still learning and growing constantly.I love different genres of music.I prefer to now play Classical,and world music.I am very picky when it comes to listening to artists,Martin Gore is the glue behind DM,period

  9. I agree all 5 should b there..also agree with most that 80s was their best time n with Alan wilder..Depeche is my fav band even now but I grew up with them n I much prefer their earlier years…

  10. Nah, Vince and Alan shouldn’t be there because their Depeche Mode was not rock and roll ;-) .

    It really depends on the criteria for being inducted, if there even are any. If they were inducted for their whole body of work, then for sure, both should be there.

    But if it’s for their best work, the line-up would be Fletcher, Gahan, Gore, and Wilder. If not for that era, DM would not be inducted.

    It’s like Duran Duran. Regardless of the line-up changes, DD are known for their work as: Le Bon, Rhodes, Taylor, Taylor, and Taylor.

    • While Vince left very little impact on the band’s eventual sound. Alan was actually the guy behind Depeche Mode’s transition to rock. During the SOFD era, Martin was perpetually drunk, Fletch barely did anything, Dave was on heroin and believed he was a vampire. For that album, Alan was the main contributor to the songwriting process, even though he got almost no credit.

      • Not to mention, Alan was DM’s first drummer! I hope both Al and Vince attend the ceremony and accept the award on stage, triple extra bonus points if they can plug in a couple synths and perform. It would makes millions of DM fans so happy!

  11. Figbat oswald

    Who are depeche mode?

  12. Terry @tfbaxley and Lucy @LucyHale

    Hello This is Terry been calling and Telling them you Deserve to be in the Rock & Roll Go Army Trust Us Amen You Men are OoK Amen

  13. I hope that Martin, Dave and Andrew encourage Vince to change his mind. This is not about Individual contributions to the band. It is about celebrating the history of this band and Vince is definitely a part of that history. It will be a real shame if he is not there. I, for one, am hoping to see all five of these guys on stage at the induction ceremony.

  14. Without Vince’s earliest songs, there’s a decent chance none of us would know who Martin Gore, Dave Gahan, Fletcher and Wilder are. His songs got them through the door, allowing them to make their future classics. He absolutely should be at the ceremony.

  15. All 5 should appear at the ceremony as all 5 contributed to the band from start to present, example, all members of YES were present yet the line up changed many times, Go and get your reward boys.

  16. Agree with Monkian.it is cool

  17. Vince and alan should both go.wether they play is another thing but would be good….Vince is the founder member and alan gave them the trade mark sound.
    As much as DM moved on and developed what they are today without Vince alan was the man who gave them the sound we all know and love
    Let’s be honest they’ve never been as good since alan left.we.re just all devoted that we stick around.
    It would be great to se a collaboration on stage

  18. The early years

    I am an 80’s teen, so th first 7 DM albums are the ones closest to my heart. But this is about recognizing the entire band history, from Speak and Spell to Spirit, so I think that all 5 should be there.
    And if Vince or Allan or the current line up, does not “feel it”, then I feel a bit sad for them, for not being being able to recognize their own contributions or the contributions of the others.

  19. Only the Band Duran Duran would have been.

  20. Depeche mode evolved. Violator album till present gave the trio dave.gore.fletcher its iconic stance as giant band.They deserve the Rock n Roll of fame for enduring and maintaining the Test of time as Depeche mode…a castle wont stand for the longest time from just a brick n a nail to start with…

  21. I agree that Vince and Alan should go to the ceremony, but also Christian and Peter’s contribution to the touring band should also be recognised.

  22. Well he did write Just Can’t Get Enough, which frankly I had enough of before it was even heard, but that song was integral to their popularity.

    I’d be the first to start complaining about Andy Anderson again but for that.

  23. Mike Dempsey stood with The Cure, so why not Vince? But DEF Alan Wilder. Violator is arguably their biggest commercial success and he was a part of that.

  24. I really like the thought of having Vince as well as Alan go but alas must agree with Vince that although he started the band a ‘founding member’ he never got them to where they are now.

    They made it big in the states after he left, so if anything Alan is more a contributor to DM success.

    Not knocking Vince, a great musician and very successful in his own right.

    Although it would be nice to see all of them together.

  25. Neil Carver

    I get the impression that Vince has made up his mind. Whether he and Alan are there is totally up to them, but I’d argue that their contributions warrant it. I can also understand why he might feel uncomfortable Vince contributed by creating Depeche Mode, and by leaving it. It wouldn’t be the band we know if he’d stayed. Wilder was instrumental (see what I did there) in defining the height of their music, but we also wouldn’t have Exciter and Playing the Angel if he’d stayed, and those are great albums.

    If Vince and Alan choose not to be there, sad, but so be it. If there is some kind of “we don’t want them there” from Gore, Gahan, etc. (and I have no reason to think this) THEN that is a problem… but hey… rock and roll drama!

  26. Carolynn L Orona

    They all should be there and be honored as they all deserve! Would love to see them on stage together again. Time for a reunion tour. My kids blessed me with tickets on the last tour in Mountain View, CA.!

  27. Stephen Cook

    They all should be there. People saying that Alan was the main reason we went to rock are wrong. It was Dave who was keen to take that route. Also without Martin’s lyrics and songs there would be no DM.
    Where would Alan be without Martin??

  28. Teal Kirkhart

    Depeche Mode.. in my eyes. Martin Gore, David Gahan, Andy Flecher, Alan Wilder, Vince Clarke, Peter Gordeno and Chistian Eigner

  29. I think Vince should go. ALL members past and present normally participate in these things. It doesn’t have to lead to a reunion or a tour…it would just be nice to see them on stage is all. Wilders contribution to Mode is immeasurable in my eyes.

  30. Jorge Ybanez

    I totally agree with Monkian, Rob Rindel, and Noirbox!!!

    I just want to add that ALL DESERVES TO BE THERE!!!


    I can still hear new hidden sounds every time I listen to this albums!

  31. I would love to see them all together. They all were apart of the music/band at one time- I would be really cool!

  32. Does anyone have tickets to the event? I’d really love to go and see this

  33. Being a fan from the absolute beginnings Vince is a massive inspirational part of depeche mode as he was with yazoo as he was with the assembly as he definitely was with the fantastic erasure. So inspirational too was Alan wilder keyboard wizard who took to the mantle when vince left for pastures new . Alan was a breath of fresh air and to my mind created depeche modes best albums . Still in 2020 the most influential group of all time leon boden

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