Festivals — February 11, 2020 at 1:24 pm

Morrissey, Bauhaus, Blondie, Devo top lineup of Cruel World festival in Los Angeles

Coachella promoter Goldenvoice today announced a massive one-day festival in Los Angeles called Cruel World that will be headlined by Morrissey and feature performances by such contemporaries as the reunited Bauhaus, Blondie, Devo and Echo & The Bunnymen.

The festival, set for May 2 at The Grounds at Dignity Health Sports Park, the home of the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, also will feature sets by The Psychedelic Furs, Violent Femmes, The Church, The English Beat, Public Image Ltd., Gary Numan, Marc Almond, Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel, Bad Manners, Berlin, Missing Persons, 45 Grave, London After Midnight, The Meteors and Christian Death.

Also on the bill: more modern acts such as She Wants Revenge, Blaqk Audio, TR/ST, Cold Cave, Drab Majesty, Black Marble,  Sextile, Softkill, The KBV and more.

Tickets, starting at $135, go on sale 12 p.m. Pacific on Friday, Feb. 14, at cruelworldfest.com. There are also payment plans available in which fans can put $19.99 down.

A presale begins at 12 p.m. Pacific time on Thursday, Feb. 13. To participate, register now at the festival website with a valid U.S. or Canadian mobile number to get a special presale code and purchase link.

Here’s the full lineup


Cruel World Festival

Echo & The Bunnymen
The Psychedelic Furs
Violent Femmes
The Church
English Beat
Public Image Ltd.
Gary Numan
Marc Almond
She Wants Revenge
Blaqk Audio
Cold Cave
Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel
Bad Manners
Missing Persons
London After Midnight
Drab Majesty
45 Grave
Christian Death
The Meteors
Black Marble



  1. joseph calderone

    Bring it to NY!

  2. Bring to the east coast somewhere

  3. Philip T Sparagna

    No Philly?

  4. I hope Bauhaus is prepared to play a headlining set when Morrissey doesn’t show up or go on.

  5. Spacie Gracie


  6. I’d love to go! Too bad it’s all the way in California.

  7. Morrissey will say something incredibly stupid (please no more nazi love Morrissey) and cancel the following day for “unrelated reasons”

  8. Robert D Vieira

    Bauhaus and or Morrissey will cancel. Can we get New Order on the bill

  9. Peter Hook and the Light… please!!!

  10. Taking bets on who breaks a hip!
    Also Moz needs to get hit by a double decker bus before he starts to spew hate.

  11. Please organize the same on the East Coast!
    Fabulous lineup!
    LA not the easiest of places to travel for a lot of us!

  12. Dammit! Why isn’t this on the East Coast!!

  13. I want to see everyone. being a one day thing, you will miss 2/3 of the shows.

    • That’s what I was thinking. I can just see me now, jogging and puffing from one area to the next. Oh! There’s DEVO! OK, let me get my old weary bones over there (minutes later) Whew, made it. Damn! They’re wrapping up. Hot damn! English Beat! (Huffing and puffing now) Oh my golly, got to exercise more. OK, bring it Dave! Oh no, Echo & the Bunnymen just started. Should have brought my senior scooter.

  14. Ah, stop hating on Moz. Saw him here in NY w Interpol, and besides the totally shit set list, no snags. Sounded great.

  15. Wow, what a lineup. Headlined by Bauhaus!

  16. Chris Higham

    Morrisey is the headliner…….? Why ?

  17. John Zegoski

    Get Siouxsie and the Banshees to join!

  18. I live 15 minutes from this venue. What a dream lineup. Los Angeles is in for a treat.

  19. 2 comments:
    – Headline should be The Cure
    – No James included??, really?

  20. Heather Lerma

    Where is this venue? I’ve never heard of it.

    • This venue has changed its name a few times – formerly “Home Depot Center” and “StubHub Center”. It is located on the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills in Carson (Los Angeles), CA. It’s home to the LA Galaxy soccer team.

    • It’s Dignity Health Sports Park! Gah! Don’t you even know Dignity Health Sports Park when you see it?

  21. Bring in The Farm, BAD, and Paul Weller

  22. Chicago PLEASE!!!!

  23. Bring to the East Coast!!

  24. Wow this is some lineup! I wish Annabella’s Bow Wow Wow was part of this fest too.

  25. They need Yaz.
    and New Order would be great. They were AMAZING in Long Beach.

  26. Exactly about Morrisey…mr no show…
    James is an awesome band and have seen them 4 times.. but wouldn’t agree that they are within this timeline.. furs I saw 5months ago headlining james…still strong and valid..
    Where are the canadian dates..this would fly as a tour for sure

  27. and they only get to perform 2 songs each
    how the heck is this show only one day. redonk

  28. Ambrasaurus Lambrettambra

    Is this all ages?? What can we bring in?

  29. Shame about morrisey, he needs to be retired, rest looks great.

  30. Should be called “Still aLive-Aid”

  31. East coast please!!!!!!!

  32. Yes bring to New York !

  33. XM Radio 1st Wave

    This line up stinks! There is No Elvis Costello, No Police or Sting solo, No Squeeze, No Joe Jackson, No Midge Ure, No XTC, and No Katrina and the Waves. Did we miss any other terrible monotonous garbage that our talentless DJs overly play on a daily basis?

    • haunted when the minutes drag

      Love a lot of your suggestions (although the Police could sell out the place on their own if they reformed). However, I just have to ask: Katrina and the Waves????

  34. My dream concert. I wish I could go!

  35. Besides the obvious, there are some really, really good newer artists at the bottom of this lineup: TR/ST, Drab Majesty, Softkill, Sextile…

  36. Rozz Williams hologram, please!

  37. Kimberly Walker

    I am definitely going me and my friend Melissa are going for sure we love Morrissey so much I really hope he shows up I’ll be so disappointed

  38. Bring it to Bay Area!

  39. Pretty cool, but I’d still prefer Blondie, or Bauhaus as headliner. As always there’s a few things missing, but maybe this will happen again. https://youtu.be/NFYamQ5ZdSo

  40. There is no possible way they are all playing together in one day.
    Says NO REFUNDS do u think its a scam for money?
    We need proof. Artists confirmation
    info on venue at sight etc.

  41. The Cruel World Festival would have a phenomenal line-up if it was not for the fascist headlining, but Morrissey being there is indicative of why you shouldn’t go not the reason you shouldn’t go.
    Cruel World is put on by Goldenvoice Productions, a subsidiary of Anschutz Entertainment Group.
    AEG is owned by Philip Anschutz, a Christian conservative who funds Republican politicians and PACs, climate change denial, pseudoscience, anti-choice, and homophobic groups.
    If you buy a ticket, you are giving money to a man who hates us, and will use that money to make our lives worse.
    Buying a ticket is as reprehensible as buying Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

  42. I’m in Salt Lake City, and going. Can’t wait! The line up is amazing. I’ve seen most of them multiple times, but just too good to pass up.
    For those bitching, of course there could be other groups that would be amazing. You’re not going to get everyone you’d like. And Moz, yes, he’s canceled shows in the past. What artist hasn’t?
    Look past the stupid things a person can say, and go with the music. His tour last year with Interpol was one of the better I’ve ever seen from him. This is going to be an unbelievable show.

  43. Oh man. If I go to this, I really hope Morrissey’s set is at the very end so I can leave before he starts whining. Otherwise awesome lineup.

  44. To those of you who say Murphy hates his bandmates and won’t play, what are you talking about? They just played L.A. a few times. I was there. And they’re still playing some more reunion shows around the world. I plan on seeing them again at this concert if i can get through and get a ticket. Morrissey, on the other hand, will call in sick. That’s a given. King of the drama kweens.

  45. Scott Stalcup

    And on this week’s episode of Square Pegs, Patty and Lauren try getting tickets to Cruel World by selling Johnny and Marshall as ladyboys AND HIJINKS ENSUE!

  46. Incredible line-up EXCEPT for Morrissey. Due to his recent hate speech, support for white nationalists, and berating of sexual assault survivors I refuse to show support for him at all ever. We all know Morrissey has been a controversial persona but this goes far beyond acceptable and is downright despicable. I refuse to go to this show or any show he is performing at. I say boycott this show until the promoters cancel Morrissey.
    And for those of you who say look past the stupid things he says and enjoy the music, maybe you should put your privelage aside think about the people who are affected by this kinda hate speech and ignorance. Is your pleasure of one artist’s music so great that it’s worth the turmoil that marginalized people and sexual assault victims live with? Spending money to see a performer who promotes bigotry is enabling them to do so on a large platform.

  47. Los Angeles and Southern California in general have always been havens for new wave, post-punk rockers. There’s even a growing Southern California young generation embracing this music. The lineup is well-thought out. There are plenty of LA Morrissey/Smiths diehards who will strongly support the headliner. Though this event is expensive, it will do well. I anticipate near-future Cruel World II & III fests with acts like DM, Cure, New Order, TFF, etc.


  49. Jane Williams

    Is Phillip Anschutz involved in this? Has he donated money? Is he in a position of power here?

  50. DJ Leslie in the Super VIP Pit Bitches! With my other fantastic gal pals!! Wooooot!!

  51. Be Careful. I’ve heard some bands were not aware they were on the bill for this… So a warning that some (all?) bands have not confirmed participation…

    • Andy Patterson

      Yeah, reminds me of when the Church were originally listed in the Rewind Fest ’15 lineup along with the Psychedelic Furs, Flock of Seagulls, Bow Wow Wow, Dramarama, and others. It kind of baffled me that Steve & Co. would be aboard with it (though they were touring with the Furs at the time). And, sure enough, shortly after tickets went on sale, the Church were scratched from the lineup–and replaced by the Tubes.

  52. No pink dots? Wtf is Morrissey headlined for. Definitely should be the Church or Bauhaus

  53. Strange that top billing is neither Devo or Blondie


  55. How is Devo not higher billed? I mean , who can name more than 4 Blondie songs? Smh

  56. Roy Nathaniel Rasalan

    What about NY? Bring them here too :)

  57. Bring it to Cleveland the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame capital

  58. Robert Serratore

    It just seems impossible that all these bands could come together.
    Christian Death, Bauhaus, Missing Persons, Berlin, PiL, Blondie, EATB, The Church and Violent femmes? No Way. 45Grave? Seriously?
    I just cannot believe this will happen…
    It’s just too good to be true.
    I just cannot…

  59. If the top billing went to the most successful act then Blondie would be at the top by a mile. They have had multiple platinum releases. I’m not sure any other act here has released a single album that sold a million copies. Would be hard pressed to find many gold records in the bunch. Funny how Bauhaus is garnering so much press lately. I don’t recall their mid-2000 reunion having this much fanfare and I don’t think their influence has grown that much in the ensuing years. Nostalgia is a strange thing. I find it sorta odd that people have it for things they never paid much mind to in the first place.

  60. Efrain Martinez Jr

    Please take the ideas of some on this thread and take it to NY. Get these groups as far away from me as possible.

  61. Efrain Martinez Jr

    I want to wrestle Morrissey and sing him a lulaby with a cradle to spladle and then change levels and put him in a guillotine till he taps out or I put him to sleep.

  62. Megan McGuigan

    Besides the fact that this is being put on by a company(Goldenvoice) whose owner is anti-gay and the headline act(Morrissey)is a known racist pig this is pretty much a cash grab. I’m betting that most of the ‘VIP’ tickets are being bought by the same hipsters who go to Coachella. Be prepared for all of the hipster chicks to look like Killstar wannabe ‘gothy’ witches.

  63. We got our tix! Flying in from MIA can’t wait!!!

  64. Got tix (5 of us) looking forward to it. Sold out in an hour. Good thing all the people sitting this out with their Morrissey/Goldenvoice temper tantrums stayed out of the way. Gracias!

  65. Trent Fordham

    Gus, could not agree with you more!

  66. Love the liberal heads exploding over that meanie Morrissey. And for all the talk in the media, every single one of these bands got in line to play beneath him.so for all the “cancel Morrissey” people you might as well cancel everyone else on the bill as well.

  67. How can bands that supposedly support racial equality like The English Beat agree to share a stage with that horrible bigot Morrissey?

  68. Mikeetown, it’s not a “liberal” reaction. It’s a decent human being reaction.

  69. I have suspicions about this. The amount of acts vs the amount of hours in a day seems unrealistic. Some of the bands will still not confirm their involvement. Even the advertisements look rather amateur.
    I smell a rat.

  70. The website for this event looks rather fly-by-night too
    Proceed with caution folks!

  71. Do we know what bands haven’t confirmed? I was skeptical about the amount of acts also. I was worried about some very short sets. I bought tickets anyway. Figure even if half show up, more then worth it, in my book.

  72. Chris,

    Maybe it’s time you stop listening to the English Beat since they agree to share a stage with Morrissey? Do you see the silliness in all of this?

    It’s people getting together to enjoy music they love and hopefully the messaging will be kept to a minimum. Saw Billy Bragg recently and it was a sad angry man just lashing out at everything. It was boring and took away from the great songs he has.

  73. Cognitive dissonance

  74. Looks like Coachella and Stage Coach may get moved to October, or cancelled outright. Any info about Cruel World’s situation??? The Corona Virus thing is so overblown.

  75. Will this be revived?

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