Playlists — April 13, 2020 at 7:59 am

Playlist : Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Top 100 Songs of 1986 — minus the 2 that aren’t on Spotify

We’ve created a Spotify playlist to accompany our just-posted Top 100 songs of 1986 readers poll results. As you can see (and hear), the playlist opens with New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” and closes with Madonna’s “Live To Tell” — with 96 more songs in between.

This time, two of our Top 100 songs are missing from Spotify: No. 92, Furniture’s “Brilliant Mind,” and No. 95, Andy Taylor’s “Take It Easy.”

So here’s 6 hours and 59 minutes of classic tracks from 1986 for your streaming pleasure:






  1. Sonic Spectrum

    No Kraftwerk, The Go-Betweens, The Church, The Bolshoi or That Petrol Emotion? Pshaw.

  2. Great stuff. Furniture, which is in my top 10, is available in UK Spotify, shame if you can’t listen to it Stateside.

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