Digital Music — April 18, 2020 at 5:49 pm

Andy Partridge gives away new song ‘Cavegirl’ from ‘aborted bubblegum sampler album’

In a move meant “to help lift spirits during lockdown,” XTC’s Andy Partridge has released a free digital track called “Cavegirl” — a demo for a song intended for an “aborted bubblegum sampler album” called 12 The Flavors of Hercules that was to have been a best-of compiling tracks from “the mythical American bubblegum label Hercules.”

The track is available as a free download through the Burning Shed webstore, and the site says the finished recording “would have been attributed to the nonexistent group The Candy Coat Hook.” And the other 11 bands featured on the sampler would have all had different names as well.

The nearly 3-minute song — which does, as advertised, sound like vintage bubblegum pop, complete with Partridge’s caveman grunts — can be downloaded for free at

The release follows a slow trickle of new music from Partridge in recent years, including the EP he recorded with Robyn Hitchcock and a pair of covers he released on a 10-inch EP.




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