Digital Music — May 1, 2020 at 5:58 pm

Monta at Odds covers Tones on Tail’s ‘spooky and otherworldly’ track ‘Movement of Fear’

Photo by Mark Allen

Kansas City art-rock quintet Monta at Odds today released a new four-song EP that features a cover of Tones on Tail’s 1984 track “Movement of Fear” that the group rightly notes “has one of the holy grails of basslines for post-punk.” You can stream the track below via Bandcamp.

The track appears on Monta at Odds’ new Zen Diagram EP, which is available exclusively through Bandcamp until May 22, when it will hit streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. And if you buy it today, Bandcamp is waiving its fees so that the artists receive 100% of all purchases.

Off the “Movement of Fear” cover, the band writes:

Brothers Dedric and Delaney and guitarist Krystof Nemeth are all huge Tones On Tail fans and the music changed things for them and set them off on a continual music discovery of ‘pop from outer space.’ “Movement of Fear” has one of the holy grails of basslines for post-punk. The original is spooky and otherworldly and Monta at Odds has captured the vibe while adding their groove-oriented impulses. Mikal Shapiro leans into the vocals with gentle whispers. Lucas Behrens plucks atmosphere. Matthew Heinrich merges live drums with the programmed drums until he is one with the machines.

So check out their cover, and head over to Bandcamp to sample and/or purchase the rest of the EP.





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