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Bauhaus working to reschedule concerts, hopes to play again ‘as soon as it is possible’

Bauhaus in Hollywood, Nov. 3, 2019 | Photo by Gary Bandfield

Bauhaus issued a statement Tuesday assuring fans they are “working diligently” to reschedule the remainder of the band’s planned 2020 reunion shows, with the group looking forward “so very much to playing again as soon as it is possible to do so.”

The statement, issued through the band’s publicists and posted to social media, did not offer any kind of time frame for when rescheduled shows might take place. In fact, the statement did not specifically address any of the band’s currently scheduled performances, it simply referred to “entering a challenging phase when many listed shows will be labeled ‘postponed.'”

“Where possible,” the band told fans, original tickets will remain valid for the new dates.

The reunited band — Peter Murphy, ‪Daniel Ash‬, Kevin Haskins, David J — played three shows in Hollywood late last year, then began announcing sporadic headlining concerts and festival appearances for 2020, that were to have begun with an April 6 performance in France.

That show was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, as were additional dates in London and Mexico City, and festival appearances — including Cruel World — began to get moved. The band’s remaining shows in the U.S. in June, July and September will presumably now all be canceled or rescheduled.

See the band’s full statement below — and the original tour dates.


Dear friends of Bauhaus, 

Due to the pandemic, we are now entering a challenging phase when many listed shows will be labeled “postponed.” We are however, looking at alternative dates for these performances. This situation is unprecedented and incredibly dynamic with a continually moving target.

We, the band and our team are working diligently to establish new time frames for the concerts, please note — “where possible” original tickets will remain valid for the new dates.

We thank you for your continued patience

Please keep safe and we look forward so very much to playing again as soon as it is possible to do so. Please keep an eye on all relevant sites and outlets for further and imminent announcements.



Bauhaus tour dates

April 6: Grand Rex, Paris, France
April 8: Alexandra Palace, London, UK
April 28: Frontón México, México City, México
June 3-7: Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain

June 12: Release Festival, Athens, Greece
June 26: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USA
July 23: The Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX, USA
July 25: Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, USA
Sept. 12: Cruel World Festival, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sept. 23: Coca Cola Roxy, Atlanta, GA, USA
Sept. 25: Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO, USA





  1. I would have way more respect for these guys if they would just admit that all of these Bauhaus reunion shows are just a ‘money grab’. Back in the late 80’s they would always talk shit about one another in the press, so I’ve never bought into this ‘reunion’ crap.

    What is also tiring is all of this 80’s worshipping crap that young people, who weren’t even alive back then, are doing. Sorry kids, but the 80’s are never coming back. Instead of focusing on a decade you were never a part of concentrate on making music that doesn’t sound like it comes from a bad 80’s film soundtrack.

  2. Feel better?

    • Should all bands just stop then? How will they support themselves and their families if they don’t tour, which is satisfying the demand of many fans who wish to still hear them. Having seen them in Hollywood, I can assure you that they are not simply “going through the motions.”

  3. Oops you missed a comma.

  4. jseckrosh

    In fear of fear

  5. I saw last year’s Peter Murphy/David J “Ruby Celebration” tour where they played IN THE FLAT FIELD in its entirety, plus 11 additional Bauhaus classics, *and* a cover of Dead Can Dance’s “Severance”.

    I can assure you it was not, as you called it, “just a money grab“. They put their cold black hearts and undead souls into every single song!

  6. I partially agree with MWM on this.
    You can’t go back in time.
    Many 80s bands were holding 401k tours before Covid. Some took good care of themselves and were brilliant. Some let themselves go and tried to hide their limited vocal range by surrounding themselves with much younger band members and frankly, their talentless girlfriends as back up singers.
    Amazing that people questioned John Lydon when he did a butter commercial. At least he was honest about his intention.

  7. Scott Stalcup

    I’d much rather see them this way than opening up for Nine Inch Nails like I did back in ’04. It was comparable to Hendrix opening for The Monkees.

  8. Always some curmudgeon coming out the woodwork. Ready to snob on any younger ear that dare show any interest in decades-past music.

    News flash: seminal bands will always be summoned up by some nascent generation.

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