Festivals — May 26, 2020 at 3:12 pm

Goodbye, Cruel World: Festival with Morrissey, Bauhaus, Blondie, Devo is canceled

The “ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic” today led promoter Goldenvoice has pulled the plug on the rescheduled Cruel World festival in Los Angeles, which would have celebrate the ’80s alternative era with a bill topped by Morrissey, Bauhaus, Blondie and Devo.

The promoter posted on the event’s website that “we are disappointed to announce Cruel World 2020 will not take place.” There’s no mention of moving the lineup to 2021.

All tickets “purchased through our official ticket provider Elevate” will be canceled and automatically refunded within 30 businesses days, according to the post.

In mid-March, Goldenvoice moved the event, originally scheduled for May 2, to Sept. 12.

Cruel World, set for The Grounds at Dignity Health Sports Park, the home of the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, also was to have featured sets by Echo & The Bunnymen, The Psychedelic Furs, Violent Femmes, The Church, The English Beat, Public Image Ltd., Gary Numan, Marc Almond, Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel, Bad Manners, Berlin, Missing Persons, 45 Grave, London After Midnight, The Meteors and Christian Death.

Here’s the full note from Goldenvoice:

Dear World,

After much consideration and monitoring of the ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are disappointed to announce Cruel World 2020 will not take place. All we want is to dance and sway to songs we love, but our number one priority is the health and safety of you and everyone involved in the festival. We appreciate your understanding, and we can’t wait to come together soon.

All 2020 tickets purchased through our official ticket provider Elevate will automatically be cancelled and refunded. Tickets will be refunded within 30 business days.

Stay safe and healthy. We can’t wait to see you soon.






  1. Another Mozzer concert gets the axe. oh the irony.

  2. Well, if Morrissey was a part of it, of course it is canceled.

  3. Totally predictable, even before covid.

  4. That’s an original take. You’re a genius.

  5. Jim Morrison Hackett

    I’ll just go back to stories, and listen to Ian Macollough talk about what a twat Morrissey really is. From Jamesrock, Clydebank, Scotland.

  6. Moz haters are a bunch of sheep.

    • Scott Stalcup

      Moz haters? Sheep? Welp. That’s unrequited love for ya. “Meat is Murder” means bugger all if there’s no reciprocity emotionally.

    • Timm Davison

      Actually, I think these days, it’s more likely that Moz lovers are a bunch of sheep. Dude hasn’t done anything to engender goodwill in his fans in a long, long time.

    • Not half the sheep his followers are.

  7. Scott Stalcup

    I guess the date conflicted with DEVO’s gig playing Muffy Tepperman’s bat mitzvah.

    • Wait! Do you mean Muffy Tepperman of the New Bedford Teppermans? This will be the event of the year. All in for the Muffs!

  8. Muffy’s bat mitzvah is gonna be the shiz. I hear there will be two kinds of cake. I’m allowed to bring a plus one, yeah?

    • Scott Stalcup

      If it “behooves” you. (God, this is more Square Pegs references than Jami Gertz probably gets a decade!)

  9. Óscar Padilla

    Si en realidad les gusta ese movimiento de esa época y el cartel tan completo,es en realidad una pena no verlo,ni escucharlos.iconos.muchos otros indies y new wave,.
    De su vida personal como la de uds me vale dos toneladas de reata….

  10. Who cares don’t need to be friends with the guys just want to listen to the music..

  11. Ah you guys Moz appeared at my show in Albuquerque, NM back in 2014, right before he rescheduled the rest of th leg lol. So I guess I am one of the lucky Moz fans. But I still believed he would’ve tried to make it to that gig if the money was large enough. (How the mighty have fallen).

    • Me too.
      Saw him 2012 on the final date of his 1st US leg. When he came back in October he did a handful of shows and the rest were cancelled.
      In 2016, I saw him in Reno, he did one more show in SLC and that was that.

  12. Tracey Moon

    I’ve seen The Moz all the times I have booked obviously knew I was his No1 fan and I was going ha!

  13. No Jeffrey. You’re a bully.

  14. Garcia seym

    Who would want to see a bunch of geezers sounding like they smoked 3 packs a day for their whole life anyways ?

  15. Garcia seym

    Who would want to see a bunch of geezers in wheelchairs anyways ?

  16. 120seconds

    This is a huge let down. I got to see Devo as a 10 year old (with a very cool Dad) on their first tour- still remember them playing the gig on treadmills sporting yellow rain gear. The Furs’ “Forever Now” was the second ever LP I ever bought- trailing my first: “London Calling”. Witnessed my first/last/only Smiths gig Junior year in high school for “The Queen Is Dead”. Saw The Violent Femmes when an unknown Dwight Yoakam opened the Chicago show for the “Blind Leading The Naked” tour. Caught Depeche Mode with The Bunnymen in 87 and- FFS could just go on and on. THIS music is this 50 year olds era and I was looking forward to seeing all these bands all at once. Goes without saying but will say it anyway: Slicing Up Eyeballs kicks ass! Thank you Matt for doing all that you do!!

  17. That is too bad, the line-up was amazing. I was looking forward to the next edition, once this was established. Lesser known but well loved musicians of the above ilk like John Fox and the Maths(early Ultravox), Magazine or at least Howard Devoto, The House of Love, Curve, John Cale, Catherine Wheel, The Chameleons, The Sound(unfortunately wo Adrain Borland), and possibly the ultimate gets, Siouxsie and the Banshees or 70s Brian Eno on my wish list.

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