Podcast — June 21, 2020 at 3:10 pm

Listen: R.E.M.’s Bill Berry gives very rare interview to ‘In Weird Cities’ podcast

Photo by Bart Everly, circa 1989

Though he’s been known to hop on stage with his former bandmates in recent years, former R.E.M. drummer Bill Berry has been largely content to let those occasional musical excursions speak for themselves. This past spring, though, Berry did something far more unusual: he sat for an interview with the new podcast “In Weird Cities.”

The podcast finds host Kara Zuaro interviewing musicians about the cities they call home, and the series’ premiere episode, posted last month, featured Berry talking about Athens, Ga., and its environs.

Zuaro interviewed Berry — who admits “I never liked being a drummer” — on his farm property outside Athens, and they discuss his early musical dabblings, the touring years of R.E.M. and what life has been like since he quit one of the world’s most successful rock ‘n’ roll bands.

He even offers some local dining recommendations.

Listen to the 19-minute episode below, and subscribe to “In Weird Cities” wherever you get your podcasts.






  1. Damn, I miss R.E.M.

    • i’ll always be grateful that three decades of my life, including my college years in the mid-late 80s, coincided with their time as band.

  2. Well Bill, first as your former band mates recall it, we owe you the initial idea and structure of “Everybody hurts” and Michael regards it as “your” song. Second, your drumming defined REM at its very best.

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