Video — August 9, 2020 at 2:33 pm

Pixies release alternate version of ‘Velouria’ video with far less slo-mo jumping

If you have any memory of the Pixies’ video for 1990 single “Velouria,” it’s probably of the four band members down in what looks like some kind of rock quarry, bounding toward the camera in very slow motion, jumping off rocks. Not a lot happens.

Well, to mark the release of a new red-vinyl reissue of Bossanova — the album from which that single hails — the band has released an alternate version of that music video, one which, amazingly, has even less going on. In this one, the bandmates never leave their perch at the top of the frame, and — still in full slow-mo — instead move their arms around in semi-choreographed fashion.

You can see both the new alternate version and the original video below.

Also, the reissued Bossanova is on sale now.







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