The musical reemergence of Elizabeth Fraser continues with the release today of a new single from Sigur Rós’ Jónsi, who features the backing vocals of the former Cocteau Twins singer on the track “Cannibal” — which you can hear via its Giovanni Ribisi-directed music video.

The song is the latest single off of Jónsi’s upcoming solo album Shiver, which is due to be released on Oct. 2. Sigur Rós, the acclaimed Icelandic post-rock act, has not released an album since 2013.

In a statement accompanying the release of “Cannibal,” Jónsi said:

“When Sigur Rós was starting, we were always compared to Cocteau Twins and I really didn’t like that. I hated being compared to anybody. Then I got really into Cocteau Twins like two or three years ago. They’re so good. I understood the comparison then.”

Fraser’s appearance on “Cannibal” follows her duet with British folk singer Sam Lee late last year on a new, Bernard Butler-produced recording of ancient folk song “The Moon Shines Bright.”

She first reemerged publicly in September 2018, performing a set of traditional folk songs in London in an exceedingly rare live appearance. She then spent part of last year on the road with Massive Attack on the band’s Mezzanine anniversary tour, lending her vocals to the tracks she performed on that album.





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