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Listen: The Cure’s Robert Smith teams up with Gorillaz for ‘Strange Timez’

As fans of The Cure continue to wait for the band’s long-promised new album, frontman Robert Smith today delivers new music: a collaboration with Gorillaz for the Damon Albarn-led group’s ongoing “Song Machine” series — which you can hear via its animated music video.

Gorillaz launched “Song Machine” in January with the plan to release 10 individual tracks — each with different guests — through October, after which they’d be packaged into an album. Contributors so far include Peter Hook, the late Tony Allen, Skepta, Schoolboy Q and Octavian.

The full album, also called Strange Timez, is due out Oct. 23 on multiple formats and also will include appearances by Beck, St. Vincent and Elton John.

The group released the music video for “Strange Timez” and audio of Smith’s own Aurora Remix of the song, which also features Smith on guitar and keyboards.

Listen to both below.







  1. Glad to see there is progress being made on the new Cure record. Oh wait…

  2. The repressing of Bloodflowers can only slake my great Cure thirst for so long–drop Live From The Moon already! Hey wait, maybe this video ties into the alleged title?

  3. I’m disappointed yet understanding on the lack of progress. With a song like “It Can Never Be The Same” indicating the direction, it’s likely the new album will be shelved period. Most likely RS realizes it’s not the time to be singing about missing family members during the holidays, even if he’s always been there for the hardest personal struggles of his fans. That said, where the f*ck is the Wish remaster so I can have Lost Wishes remastered and digital?

  4. At this point, I actually do not really care if the new album is released or not. As much as I have loved the Cure for nearly three decades, the past twenty years have been relatively disappointing, if I’m being honest. I feel like the quality of the production has diminished significantly, while the songwriting has been stagnant. Over the last ten years, the Cure has been more of a nostalgia act and any talk of a new album, finishing long overdue projects, or any other upcoming news has to be taken with a boulder of salt. The whole debacle with 4:13 Dream was extremely disappointing when it finally came out after being over a year late, because it sounded like finished demos at best-not something that had been labored on for well over a year. If Robert wants the Cure to be a nostalgia act, that is totally fine. Just stop stringing along people who have invested years of time and money, because they believe in him and what he says. The Cure will always be a band I love, but if you love something or someone you should also be able to critique it at times too.

  5. Noraa, agreed. The 4:13 Dream/Scream post on the website was/is just bizarre and confusing.

  6. Imagine the pressure you’d feel having spent the past 20 (at least) years constantly hearing that your latest stuff is well below par (and deep down knowing that the criticism is legitimate). Of course you’re going to struggle to complete things. The funny thing is, this remix is better than anything The Cure have done in years; better than any of the new remixes on Torn Down, better than 80-90% of the stuff on any Cure album since about 1992…

  7. I rather liked Torn Down. Would always prefer new music, of course. Maybe working on the old stuff inspired him.

  8. During my summer break from college 1979, I walked into Tower records and within seconds, had to find out what I was listening to. That song was Grinding Halt. When I saw the pink cover with the refrigerator, lamp and vacuum cleaner, I knew I needed it. Of course, it was a very pricey import.

    I have to agree with Noraa, nothing has really gotten under my skin since the 90’s. I can completely deal with that, almost all the bands of my youth have come and gone. Sparks being one very rare exception.

    I was never keen on Albarn’s Gorillaz project, and maybe I’m alone here, but I find this just depressing. And not in a good Cure way. I think it’s fine if Smith rests on his considerable laurels at this point. In fact, I’d prefer it.

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