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Ministry unearths 2 ‘lost mixes’ of ‘Everyday (Is Halloween)’ for new 12-inch

Cleopatra Records next month will release a new 12-inch vinyl single featuring a pair of newly unearthed and previously unreleased mixes of Ministry’s classic 1985 single “Everyday (Is Halloween),” with another previously unreleased song on the B-side.

The “Everyday (Is Halloween)” — The Lost Mixes single is due out Oct. 30 — naturally — and will be pressed on colored vinyl. It can be pre-ordered now via

According to the product listing supplied to online retailers, the mixes — named the Dirt Mix and Dirt Dub — have been “unearthed from studio tapes” and are described as “extended and hypnotic offering glimpses of the industrial direction that Ministry founder Al Jourgensen was heading in.”

Side 2 will feature a previously unreleased song called “Playground” and an unissued instrumental version of “I See Red,” a song from 1985 that first surfaced on Ministry’s Trax! Box in 2015.

The cover art is an orange variant of the original “All Day”/”Everyday (Is Halloween)” double A-sided single, originally released by Wax! Trax Records.


Ministry, “Everyday (Is Halloween)” — The Lost Mixes

1. “Everyday (Is Halloween)” (Dirt Mix)
2. “Everyday (Is Halloween)” (Dirt Dub)
3. “Playground”
4. “I See Red” (Instrumental)





  1. Samuel De Los Santos

    Dude! I’ve been following Ministry since I heard “Tonight we murder” off the Demon Night soundtrack. Then Filth Pig came out! Total mind fu… can’t wait to hear there old lost tracks.

  2. Samuel De Los Santos

    So there’s this thing called YouTube. Really cool to look up stuff before commenting that you dont know what’s up.

  3. shauna thetford

    Only like the best Damn industrial band to ever live. Al is one of the most talented front man, showmen, musicians to ever grace our presence. Go check them out when you get a chance. Well go check em out now!!!

  4. Look up Minstry on YouTube this guy had some cool synth pop tracks loved all of his 80s material now it’s gotten very hard core industrial muisc heavy for me but still damm good to listen too just a huge big transition cheers!!!

  5. Wow – their second best release … Ole’ Al sounds like he might sloooowly moving towards re-recognizing his best work .. ‘With Sympathy’ ! C’mon Al, you can do it !

  6. Shawn Whitmore

    Go to YouTube and watch Ministry – Just One Fix

  7. Humzah Jaleel

    It seems like ever since 2010, Al has slowly been recognizing and celebrating his early work.

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