Digital Music, Single News — October 30, 2020 at 9:37 pm

Hear Ministry’s 2 ‘lost mixes’ of ‘Everyday (Is Halloween)’ and unreleased B-sides

Cleopatra Records today digitally released two newly unearthed and previously unreleased mixes of Ministry’s classic 1985 single “Everyday (Is Halloween),” along with thepreviously unreleased song “Playground” and an unissued instrumental version of “I See Red.”

The release of the “Everyday (Is Halloween)” — The Lost Mixes 12-inch single has been delayed until Nov. 20 (it can be pre-ordered via Amazon), but the single can be streamed at Bandcamp.

According to the product listing supplied to online retailers, the mixes — named the Dirt Mix and Dirt Dub — have been “unearthed from studio tapes” and are described as “extended and hypnotic offering glimpses of the industrial direction that Ministry founder Al Jourgensen was heading in.”

Here the full single right here:





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  1. Getting so much closer … next is the ‘With Sympathy’ box set, complete with Baby Al in the hat with the cane, singing in the faux accent. C’mon Al, go back to your best work and recapture the glory of the synth years. You can do it.

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