Album News — November 14, 2020 at 2:23 pm

Mute Records teases something involving Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore

Is Depeche Mode’s Martin L. Gore preparing to debut new music next week? Mute Records is teasing something involving Gore happening Nov. 17 — this Tuesday — but it’s not clear what that may be. The label tweeted a stylized GIF of Gore on Saturday with that date.

Though Depeche Mode left longtime home Mute and its parent company EMI Music in 2012 when the band signed to Columbia Records, Gore remains linked to the label, which released his VCMG project with Vince Clarke in 2012 and his instrumental solo album MG in 2015.

In addition to Saturday’s tweet, Gore’s Facebook page on Thursday shared a 55-song playlist on multiple streaming platforms that collects Gore’s previous solo work and collaborations, including the songs from 1989’s Counterfeit EP and its 2003 full-length follow-up Counterfeit².

That post featured the message “Watch this space…”

Gore and current and former bandmates Dave Gahan, Andy Fletcher, Alan Wilder and Clarke were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last weekend.





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