Video — December 12, 2020 at 5:36 pm

Robert Smith performs 3 songs off The Cure’s ‘Seventeen Seconds’ for charity livestream

The Cure’s Robert Smith performed a trio of songs off 1980’s Seventeen Seconds for the Robin Ince-hosted “Nine Lessons and Carols for Curious People” 24-hour charity livestream, a set broadcast Saturday that included “In Your House,” “M” and “Play for Today.”

As you can see from the excerpted video below, Smith — in all his barefoot glory — performed the songs solo, accompanied by a drum machine, from what looks to be his home studio. The set was prerecorded at an earlier time and shown toward the end of the marathon livestream.

The event was broadcast by the Cosmic Shambles Network and viewers were asked to donate at According to the organizers, all proceeds go to four charities: Turn2Us, Doctors Without Borders, Mind and the Kings Place Music Foundation.

Smith also was slated to perform live with Gorillaz during ticketed livestreams on Saturday and Sunday.






  1. Brilliantly done and so happy to see him play once again!!thank you for sharing this iconic man and his talents

  2. Omg my life is so complete right now!!!

  3. Mr Smith mist be crazy since he makes statment that NEVER comes like new Cure album, Wish deluxe edition, 4:13 unreleased material, The Cure film, etc etc etc. I DO NOT TRUST HIM ANYMORE !!!!!

    • He and the rest of the band constantly tell you not to trust him as well! Only believe it when you see it. Mostly it’s RS just being excited about the possibilities. Once you notice that, it’s kind of endearing while aggravating haha. You forgot Orange, his solo album and the Reflections concerts lol

      • Well… It kinda stopped being endearing when it became the norm. I don’t think it’s too much to just be up front and say, “No… it’s not actually close to finished.” or “I haven’t even started it yet.” rather than it always be another, “It’ll be out by the end of this year.” When in fact, he said that two years ago.
        That’s not being an entitled fan to ask that. That’s just asking someone to quit stringing us along. And maybe I’m probably still feeling the huge disappointment of 4:13 Dream (delayed repeatedly for over a year, and THAT was the end result of a “year of additional work”…??), but if and when the new album comes out and it’s another sloppily produced, weak written effort, I’ll pass. I’ll just keep everything from 1979-2000. Maybe I am being judgmental, after all the Cure is Robert’s enterprise; but I feel like it’s slightly disrespectful to the fans, and also the rest of the band as well, to keep saying things will be coming out without any actual plan to do it.

    • This was a nice chill solo performance though i’d like it more if the others were zoomed in… or if they debuted new songs… yea right lol.

      honestly, Isaías, i get it. i discovered them in 86 and have been a fan since, but i think the last two albums are awful, and it gets old after a while waiting for something that you’re being told will come and its another story each time, and when it does come out- it sounds like garbage. I loved Show and Paris and In Orange, but Bestival and the Festival DVD sounded like shite. if its gonna be more of that, then id rather he not release it all

  4. Not gonna lie… I was kinda hoping he might bust out a new song.

  5. I am getting impatient now too. Been a fan since 7 years old as older brother played his stuff in the house. Still think his a wonderful man been with Mary all this time too. Don’t hear bad stuff in the press about him either. Just want the new album out NOW….

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