Video — December 27, 2020 at 5:21 pm

Robert Smith performs 3 songs off The Cure’s ‘Faith’ for charity livestream

A couple weeks after playing three songs off The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds for a charity webcast Robert Smith was at it again this week, this time performing a trio of songs off that album’s follow-up, Faith, for a different fundraising broadcast.

Once again barefoot in his studio, Smith performed solo versions of “The Holy Hour,” “The Funeral Party” and “The Drowning Man” on solo guitar and keyboard for the Dec. 22-23 24 Hour Improv 2020 event, which raised money for Poverty Alleviation Charities. (You can still donate money here.)

Watch the full video above.





  1. Oh dearest Robert..
    Your my pot of gold at the end of my rainbow .
    37 years of loving you and you still to this day never never end to amaze me and your fans..
    In 2007 Melbourne Australia I threw my why cant I be you jumper that I had hand painted for my 16th birthday present.
    Hope you still have it as it was very special to me..

  2. Wish wish wish I could someday,somehow,somewhere I could meet and greet you…
    I don’t want to wish the impossible dream!
    I just want my one dream to come true…xxx

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