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My Bloody Valentine prep vinyl reissues, announce plans to record 2 new albums

As promised, shoegaze legends My Bloody Valentine delivered some news today, announcing that the band’s “full catalog” is now streaming, and vinyl reissues of 1988’s Isn’t Anything, 1991’s Loveless, 2013’s m b v will be released in May.

But bandleader Kevin Shields dropped even bigger news in an interview with The New York Times published this morning: My Bloody Valentine plans to record two new albums.

“Time is a bit more precious,” he told the Times. “I don’t want to be 70-something wanting to make the next record after m b v. I think it’d be cooler to make one now.”

Shields told the newspaper they’ll begin recording once they can all gather at his home studio in Ireland, though if that ends up not being possible they’ll look at recording remotely. He said the first of the two new records will be “warm and melodic,” with the second being more experimental.

Guitarist-vocalist Bilinda Butcher told the Times: “They’ll probably be finished by the end of the year.”

As for the reissues, they’re due out on May 21 via the band’s new deal with the Domino label.  The albums are being released in standard and deluxe vinyl pressings, with Isn’t Anything and Loveless newly mastered in “AAA” analog for the deluxe editions and mastered from hi-res uncompressed files for the standard LPs, the band says. Both editions of m b v use fully analog cuts, according to the group.

The albums are all also being reissued on CD, along with the 2012 compilation EP’s 1988-1991 and Rare Tracks. All of the releases can be pre-ordered through the band’s website.

As for streaming, the band says it has put its full catalog on streaming services, but in the U.S. that only means the addition of m b v, as Isn’t Anything and Loveless already were streaming, along with the Tremolo and Glider EPs. The band’s other EPs aren’t streaming in North America because Warner Bros. still holds those rights, according to the Times.

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  1. The deluxe LP of Loveless was sold out by mid-morning, yet another example of demand far outstripping supply on something like this. It’s as if the labels have stock in Discogs and eBay…

  2. Sucks if people have issues getting what they want. Maybe there’ll be more product.

    But very cool that they “plan” to produce more music!

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it. Robert Smith has nothing on Kevin Shields when claiming something new is coming.

    MBV was a letdown, I think. Nondescript songs that sound like the last one. Were there vocals, I don’t remember any? Nothing that could possibly pass for a single. It all sounds like in between bits on Loveless, more fitting as bonus tracks than anything stand alone. The intrigue fades quickly. So it’s welcome to hear they plan on a proper album before they go play experimental, which is also welcome, in good measure.

    Was also hoping they’d press more of the EP collection, but no.

  4. I think the cd version of the ep collection is available at their site.

  5. Scott Stalcup

    Local bookmakers place the odds on the likelihood of the releases down between “Robert Smith releasing more of The Cure’s archive audio/video” and “Morrissey finishing a tour/concert.”

  6. I wonder if Kevin Shields will work with Domino to release archive live MBV audio/video releases in the future? I would love to see a live box set(or two) with Isn’t Anything/Loveless era gigs and of course live recordings from their reunion tour. There is stuff on YouTube of course, but actual legit physical releases of live cds/dvds/blu-rays would be amazing. C’mon, Kevin, raid those vaults!

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