Dark Wave Playlists, Radio — April 11, 2021 at 11:04 pm

Playlist: Sirius XM’s ‘Dark Wave’ — hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs (4/11/21)

45 Grave

“Dark Wave,” hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Matt Sebastian, airs 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern every Sunday on Sirius XM satellite radio’s 1st Wave (Channel 33). The most recent two episodes also are available via Sirius XM’s On Demand service for online subscribers.


Love and Rockets, “All In My Mind” (Express)
45 Grave, “45 Grave” (Sleep in Safety)
Cult Hero, “I Dig You” (I’m a Cult Hero)
Christian Death, “Figurative Theatre” (Only Theatre of Pain)
The Damned, “Grimly Fiendish” (Phantasmagoria)
The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Just Like Honey” (Psychocandy)
The Chameleons, “Up the Down Escalator” (Script of the Bridge)
Kate Bush, “The Big Sky” (Hounds of Love)
Gene Loves Jezebel, “Scheming” (Promise)
Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Ornaments of Gold” (Peepshow)
Jane’s Addiction, “Ted, Just Admit It…” (Nothing’s Shocking)
Alien Sex Fiend, “Attack!!!” (The First Alien Sex Fiend Compact Disc)
Killing Joke, “Wardance” (Killing Joke)

Lard, “The Power of Lard” (Power of Lard)
Nitzer Ebb, “Family Man” (Ebbhead)
PTP, “Show Me Your Spine” (Side Trax)
Revolting Cocks, “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” (Linger Ficken’ Good)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, “Nothing Wrong” (Nothing Wrong)
The Neon Judgement, “The Sea” (Horning As Hell)
David J, “The Conjurere’s Hand” (On Glass)
Death Cult, “Horse Nation” (Death Cult)
Public Image Ltd., “Home” (Album)
LaTour, “Allen’s Got a New Hi-Fi” (LaTour)
Girls Under Glass, “Wall of Sound” (Humus)
Sort Sol, “Marble Station” (Natures Mortes – Still Lives)
The Cassandra Complex, “One Millionth Happy Customer” (Theomania)

Bauhaus, “Rosegarden Funeral of Sores” (In the Flat Field: Omnibus Edition)
Joy Division, “The Only Mistake” (Still)
The Cure, “10.15 Saturday Night” (Standing on a Beach)
End of Your Garden, “A Displaced House in the North” (Celebration/Er Det Tirsdag Må Være Belgien)
Depeche Mode, “Lie to Me” (Some Great Reward)
Ultravox, “Lament” (Lament)
Borghesia, “On” (Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti)
Yellow Magic Orchestra, “Neue Tanz” (Neue Tanz)
Anne Clark, “Sleeper in Metropolis” (Changing Places)
Shellyan Orphan, “Shatter” (Century Flower)
Modern English, “After the Snow” (After the Snow)
The Smiths, “I Know It’s Over” (The Queen is Dead)
The Sisters of Mercy, “Heartland” (Some Girls Wander By Mistake)
Echo & The Bunnymen, “The Cutter” (Live) (Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1984)


Got a request? To be considered for next week’s show, drop it in the comments below by noon Tuesday. Requests will be considered as long as they fit the show’s format and generally within the 1stWave era — and provided the host doesn’t harbor an intense dislike of the song. 





  1. Would be great to hear Beers Steers and Queers by Revolting Cocks. TY.

  2. Many thanks for the YMO! I loved the Ultravox too, hope you can play “Rage in Eden” from them in a future episode

  3. Can you dig up “Breeze” by Lush for next Sunday’s Dark Wave? Thanx!

  4. Request for:

    The Young Gods-All My Skin Standing

  5. Great show as always. Thumbs up for Lard, Ultravox and absolutely 45 Grave!
    I have a request, Chicken Farm by the Dead Kennedy’s from Frankenchrist. East Bay Ray at some of his best!

    Never Stop Matt!

  6. Wow!!! Thank you so so much for playing my requests for 10:15 Saturday Night and The Cutter! Made my week! It was also so great hearing the Chameleons, Joy Division, The Smiths, Modern English, Bauhaus, and Public Image Ltd. I did some research on some of the bands played tonight and got to learn a lot, so thanks again!
    To maybe add a request for next week: it would be really cool to hear The Sound or The Call, Passover by Joy Division, or maybe Play For Today by The Cure! Thanks so much again, and have a great week!

  7. Great to hear 45 Grave, hadn’t heard them in years. You outdo yourself every week, I have to say.

  8. Requesting Killing Joke “Tabazan” for next week. Thanks Matt!

  9. Was wondering if you could dig up “India” or “Dumb Waiters” by the Psychedelic Furs for next week. Or perhaps play a track from their new album Made of Rain that’d be wonderful too. Thanks a lot. :)

  10. Great show as always Matt. I was hankering for some The The. Heartland to be specific. Thanks

  11. Enjoyed each hour, Matt!

    Here are some requests –

    The Jesus and Mary Chain – Happy Place
    Drowning Craze – Storage Case


  12. Laibach, “Across the Universe” or anything from their album, “Let it be” please. Thank you!

  13. Great show last night Matt and thank you for playing Charlotte Sometimes on last week’s dark wave. How about digging up Diskono by Cabaret Voltaire for next week’s show? Have a good week my friend.

  14. I know it was a good episode.

    This week’s Darkness Award:
    The Smiths, “I Know It’s Over”

    Thank you for playing LaTour. When the music started, I began acting frenzied at work. When one of the fellow employees asked me a business question, I answered it with the following:

    “The floor starts to crack, and the couch attacks, and the TV set goes BOOM, BOOM, BOOM”

    He said, “Thank you, now I understand”.

  15. Great Show! Love to request the Song Tainted Love remix by Impedance :D. TY

  16. You make Sunday nights a destination for sure, but sometimes I feel like my life is going nowhere. Perhaps:

    Front 242- Welcome to Paradise

  17. Matt brilliant work, my friend. Thanks for including my 45 Grave request. Having seen them live in the 80s means so much more today. Mortgage by Foetus won’t get a Darkness Award, but I’m sure everyone will enjoy it. Have a better than expected week all.

  18. Matt-I’d like to hear House of Love- Don’t Know Why I Love You. Thank you

  19. Good show as always Matt.
    Since its Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance’s birthday this week how about ‘Sanvean ( I Am Your Shadow)’ or ‘American Dreaming’ (yes, I know its not her song I just like so sue me)
    On the other side of the coin:
    STUMBO by Wiseblood.

  20. Thanks Matt for playing my Joy Division request. Have a good week and for a future show I’ll put in another request, this time for Killing Joke with ‘Who Told You How?’

  21. Wow, LaTour – Allen’s Got a New Hi-Fi! Love this track so much.

  22. The best show on Sirius XM!

  23. Lots of great music this episode. Thanks for a great end to the weekend.

  24. Beatnik Punk

    Virgin Mary was tired
    So tired…

  25. always open for more Japan/David Sylvian. Also curious if you have access to anything from the west FL band “Parade in Paris” who were quite wonderful but never seemed to make it. Greatly enjoy the show, listen on demand

  26. Great show! Just streaming it now. Grave 45 was cool! Never heard of them. I did a double take when Jane’s Addiction came on LOL. Great tune. Dark indeed.

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