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Contest: Win a Go-Go’s prize pack featuring new documentary, ‘God Bless’ reissue

God bless the Go-Go’s. Speaking of which, we’re thrilled to be able to give away a special prize pack to honor the nomination of The Go-Go’s to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Class of 2021, with one very lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader taking home this sweet grand prize.

Here’s what the winner will get:

  • The 2-disc DVD/Blu-ray release of Allison Ellwood’s fabulous “The Go-Go’s” documentary, which premiered on Showtime last year
  • The forthcoming reissue of 2001 reunion album God Bless The Go-Go’s, due out May 14, on both 140-gram, blue vinyl and CD, with the latter featuring new cover art and bonus tracks  “I Think I Need Sleep” and “King of Confusion.”

The Go-Go’s are among the 16 nominees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, on the ballot alongside Kate Bush, Devo, Tina Turner, Mary J. Blige and more. Fans can vote for The Go-Go’s in the Rock Hall’s fan vote — which adds a single vote to the top five artists in the final tally — through May 7.

This prize pack can all be won by one lucky winner in the U.S.

TO ENTER: In the comments below, name your favorite song by The Go-Go’s. You can also email your entry to with the subject “GOD BLESS THE GO-GO’S.”

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. Eastern Friday, May 7. After that point, we’ll select one (1) winner at random, who will be notified via their provided e-mail address. Important: If the winner does not reply to their notification email within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn (hey, it happens). Winner must have a U.S. mailing address. One entry per person.

Good luck, and godspeed.





  1. Peter Krueger

    “This Town”

  2. Michael Zwirn

    “Head Over Heels”

  3. Jean Peplinski

    Turn To You!

  4. Wade Kotar

    Head Over Heels

  5. Michael Fallon

    “Skidmarks on My Heart”

  6. Ernest Hinesley

    “We Got the Beat”


    Our Lips Are Sealed

  8. Vacation

  9. Mike Miller

    We got the beat

  10. Jay Caldwell

    Head over Heels

  11. Neil Carver

    “Our Lips Are Sealed”

  12. Freddy Cellophane

    “Beneath The Blue Sky”

  13. Tyler Rutt

    “Turn To You”

  14. Has to still be “Our Lips are Sealed.” It just holds up so well.

  15. Chris Butler

    Turn To You

  16. Mike Soden

    Yes or No

  17. Morgaine Pendragon

    Head over Heels

  18. Wayne Foraker

    This Town

  19. Speeding!

  20. Dina Gillespie

    This Town

  21. Thomas Brewster

    This Town

  22. Jason Rogers

    “Our Lips Are Sealed”

  23. Our lips are sealed

  24. Danielle Waite

    Throw Me A Curve

  25. Jason Dreyer

    This Town

  26. Nancy MCMULLEN


  27. Andy James


  28. Rodney Jones

    Head Over Heels

  29. ‘This Town.’

  30. Turn to You

  31. Christopher Sweany

    The whole world’s lost its head

  32. Head over Heels, the keyboard at the beginning always gets me!

  33. Parker Kindred

    Cool Jerk

  34. Thomas Ellis


  35. Adolfo Franco

    Yes Or No!

  36. Stefan Kominsky

    Beatnik Beach

  37. Arif Ansari

    Girl of 100 Lists! Weird choice, but honest.

  38. Christy Brodie

    Fading Fast

  39. Stephen Gershon

    Our lips are sealed!

  40. “Apology”

  41. Daniel Anderson

    Head Over Heals!

  42. Head over heels

  43. Christian Vogt

    Head Over Heels

  44. Jason Drews

    “He’s So Strange” from the Vacation LP.

  45. Pete Gladue

    Go-Go’s – We Got The Beat (Stiff Single Version)

  46. This Town

  47. Vacation – and it’s my kiddos’ favorite too!

  48. Our Lips Are Sealed

  49. André Salas

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  50. Elise Fortier

    Head Over Heels

  51. Kimberly Omelson

    Head Over Heels

  52. Melissa Henry

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  53. Cool Jerk

  54. This Town

  55. Tom Westphal

    Head Over Heels

  56. Mercenary

  57. Michael Updike

    This Town

  58. Gotta go with the obvious…

    “Our lips are sealed”

  59. hunter christy


  60. Jim Sweetman

    “Lust to Love”

  61. Chris Kouzes

    Turn to You

  62. Kristin Vogel

    Head Over Heels

  63. Julie Lopinot

    Our Lips Are Sealed is my favorite. Yes or No is an underrated song.

  64. our lips are sealed.. they hide the darkness with their upbeat version

  65. Kevin Murphy

    This Town!

  66. Heather Hammonds

    Our Lips are Sealed

  67. Robin Bright

    How Much More

  68. Peter DeVincent

    I’m The Only One
    Best damn song!

  69. Andy Patterson

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  70. Christopher Joy

    We Got the Beat

  71. David Haile

    We Got The Beat

  72. Vacation!

    And I just hunted down vinyls for We Got the Beat and Vacation, so this would be a lovely addition!

  73. Jennifer Krick


  74. Darryl Claps

    This Town

  75. Andy Marburger

    Lust to Love

  76. “This Town”

  77. “Beatnik Beach”

  78. Turn To You!

  79. “Fading Fast” I love you, Charlotte

  80. Jeff Koger

    Head Over Heels

  81. Skid Marks on my Heart

  82. Yes or No

  83. joel d ivins


  84. Unforgiven ;)

  85. “Our lips are sealed”

  86. Joan Douglas-Fry

    This Town

  87. Allison Azhocar

    Lust to Love

  88. Serena Blackwell

    I love “Turn to You”! It’s my fave!

  89. Trent Fordham

    Lust to love

  90. Laurel Raven-LaRue

    Fading Fast

  91. Our Lips Are Sealed

  92. Vilma Dennis

    “So Mercenary” is a song I find myself singing from time to time!

  93. C. Patrick Gendusa

    Head Over Heels

  94. Chris Lerch


  95. John Larson

    “This Town”

  96. William Smith

    Lust to Love

  97. Our Lips Are Sealed

  98. Karen L Corcoran

    “Our Lips Are Sealed”…brings back such great memories!

  99. Craig Parshall

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  100. Brian Kalz

    This Town

  101. Matthew Grimes

    “Lust To Love”

  102. James Herbst

    Fading Fast

  103. Dan OConnor

    Beatnik beach

  104. Marissa Hereso

    Capture the light

  105. Head Over Heels

  106. Paul Santa Cruz

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  107. Our Lips Are Sealed

  108. Our Lips Are Sealed

  109. paul carter

    ” Head over Heels”.

  110. Jennifer Robinson

    Get Up and Go

  111. Vacation

  112. Mike Monday

    Head over Heels – a perfect pop song.

  113. Tom Koelbel

    Currently…”LA LA Land”

  114. Skidmarks on my Heart

  115. Jo Bennett


  116. John Thomas

    “Head over heels”

    It is a perfect pop song!

  117. Todd Frederick

    This Town

  118. Michael Pendlebury

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  119. Our Lips Are Sealed

  120. Batt Muckmaster

    “Our are ”

  121. Batt Muckmaster

    Oops, emoji failure.
    “Our Lips are Sealed”

  122. Robert Rainey

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  123. Unforgiven

  124. Vacation

  125. Our Lips Are Sealed


    Our Lips are Sealed

  127. thomas solimine

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  128. Can’t Stop The World

  129. Head over Heels

  130. Anthony Fazio

    Turn to You

  131. Vacation

  132. Erin Rocha

    This Town

  133. Skid marks on my heart

  134. David R Hill

    Turn To You

  135. David M Fulton

    This Town!!!

  136. Neda Sadeghian

    You Can’t Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can’t Sleep)

  137. Can’t Stop The World

  138. Bobby Walker

    He’s So Strange

  139. Nicole Gaines

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  140. Beneath the Blue Sky

  141. Scott Wejmar

    Our Lips are Sealed

  142. Head Over Heels

  143. All of them!

  144. Garrett Clark

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  145. Andrew Canulette

    Our Lips are Sealed

  146. Dan Arnold

    Head Over Heels

  147. has to be “our lips are sealed,” even with so many other tracks so close on its heels!!

  148. Can’t Stop The World. It’s the perfect ending ( I love the electrical sound effect as the final note ) to an incredible album. GBTGG’s was an excellent come back LP too !( The first single, Unforgiven, co-written with Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day ).

  149. Bill Knowles

    Automatic Rainy Day

  150. Turn To You

  151. Our lips are sealed

  152. Skidmarks on my Heart

  153. Unforgiven with a dash of Green Day

  154. “Get Up and Go”

  155. “Our Lips are Sealed”

  156. Lust To Love

    Thank you!

  157. “Head Over Heels”

  158. Scott Stalcup

    How Much More. Any version.

  159. Steve Darlington


  160. Benjamin Navarro

    “Our Lips Are Sealed” (classic California jam!) Or “Head Over Heels” (love that break down with the bass and hand claps!). So many to choose from.

  161. Benjamin Navarro

    As I just posted my choice right now, “Our Lips Are Sealed” just finished on Walmart radio! LOL how cosmic!

  162. We got the beat!

  163. Steve Howard

    This Town!

  164. Jason Robinson

    Cool jerk

  165. Head Over Heels.

    On the totally ’80s airlines, PSA, my brother and I shared the Walkman’s headphones and played this as we were taking off to California.

  166. Kelly Turek

    Walk Like an Egyptian

    • Scott Stalcup

      Considering Vicki Peterson pinch hit on guitar for Charlotte while she was off having a baby, I think Kelly’s choice should count.

  167. Ian Christensen

    Lust To Love

  168. Philip Warholic

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  169. ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’

  170. Steve Lindley

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  171. Ken Dannelley


  172. Every song on Beauty & the Beat- it’s a perfect album- my go-to summer album to this day . When I was a little kid and played this record it represented everything ( in my head) I thought Southern California would sound and look like.
    “Bet you’d live here if you could and be one of us”

  173. Dave Sagert

    “Beatnick Beach”—awesome 60’s surf rock sound!!!

  174. Brandy Canan


  175. Mark Knudsen

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  176. Head Over Heels

  177. Our Lips Are Sealed

  178. Our Lips Are Sealed

  179. Tara Wendt


  180. “Turn to You”

  181. Brad Lewis

    How Much More

  182. Cal Dixon

    “Head Over Heels”

  183. Debbie Riddle


  184. Debbie Riddle


  185. carlos nossa

    head over heels

  186. Adriana Schneider

    Our Lips are Sealed

  187. We Got the Beat!

  188. Joe Lindsey


  189. Joel Zart

    Head over Heels

  190. David Grossklaus

    Our Lips are Sealed!

  191. Emmett Overbey

    Head Over Heels

  192. Denise Boyle-Quatroni

    “Head Over Heels”

  193. Chuck McPherson

    Unforgiven is spectacular.
    Coincidentally, it’s from the “God Bless the Go-Go’s” album.

  194. Lisa M Read

    Head Over Heels

  195. Heather Littleton

    This Town

  196. Heather Jameyson

    Lust to Love!!

  197. Dana Greenfield

    Our lips are sealed

  198. We Don’t Get Along!

  199. John Ditzel


  200. Julie LaBar

    This Town

  201. This Town

  202. Thank you all for entering! The contest is now closed. The winner will be contacted via email.

  203. Head Over Heels

  204. Jeff Hadfield

    Beatnik Beach!

  205. Joe schalk

    Can’t Stop the World

  206. Our lips are sealed

  207. Jackie Waldhier

    Our Lips Are Sealed

  208. Klee Fehlberg

    Worlds Away

  209. Andrew Svec

    “Turn to You”

  210. Joe Burkholder

    Head Over Heels from the criminally underrated Talk Show album.

  211. Doug McLaren

    We Got the Beat

  212. Patrice Oldani

    We got the beat!!

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