Reissues, Vinyl — September 12, 2021 at 9:23 pm

Echo & The Bunnymen’s first 4 albums, 2 later records to be reissued on vinyl

October’s a big month for LP-collecting Echo & The Bunnymen fans, with the band’s first four albums receiving vinyl reissues — including limited-edition colored pressings — from Rhino Records, while two of the group’s later records are repressed by Demon Records.

On Oct. 1, Demon will reissue 2001’s Flowers and 2005’s Siberia on 180-gram vinyl. Flowers will be pressed on white vinyl, while Siberia will be a 2LP set on translucent vinyl.

Then, on Oct. 22, Rhino will reissue 1980’s Crocodiles, 1981’s Heaven Up Here, 1983’s Porcupine and 1984’s Ocean Rain on 180-gram black vinyl — exclusively in “brick and mortar” retailers, according to the label. Colored pressings — on yellow, blue, white and transparent blue vinyl, respectively — will be sold only through





  1. Every time I go into a record store for the last 20 years I always check to see if they have E&tB on vinyl and they never do. This is great news. If you are looking for a great radio show check out Pirate Radio on

  2. About fookin’ time, you scousers!!!

  3. Giulio Semprini

    Coloured vinyl through Rhino only????

  4. Happy you Bunnyheads are getting your wax…look at all those colours…analog deliciousness.

  5. “Colored pressings — on yellow, blue, white and transparent blue vinyl…” (zimbo zimbo zimbo zimbo zimbo)

  6. Len Comaratta

    Why no love for the Self-Titled fifth LP? Their final album in a way.

  7. Right? I love the “grey album” and consider still one of my favorites.

  8. Any idea whether the reissued will be available in Canada?

  9. Patrick A McKinney

    How many copies of the colored vinyl versions of the first four lP’s were pressed? And, how many of the black vinyl will be issued?

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