Dark Wave Playlists, Radio — December 12, 2021 at 10:58 pm

Playlist: Sirius XM’s ‘Dark Wave’ — hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs (12/12/21)

Xmal Deutschland

“Dark Wave,” hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Matt Sebastian, airs 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern every Sunday on Sirius XM satellite radio’s 1st Wave (Channel 33). The most recent two episodes also are available via Sirius XM’s On Demand service for online subscribers.


Love and Rockets, “Holiday on the Moon” (Express)
Concrete Blonde, “Heal It Up” (Mexican Moon)
Echo & The Bunnymen, “Ripeness” (Porcupine)
Cocteau Twins, “Blue Bell Knoll” (Blue Bell Knoll)
Asylum Party, “Ticket to Ride” (Mère)
The Cure, “Other Voices” (Faith)
Abecedarians, “Misery of Cities” (Eureka)
Christian Death, “Venus in Furs” (The Path of Sorrows)
The Sisters of Mercy, “More” (Vision Thing)
Wire, “The 15th” (154)
Lowlife, “A Sullen Sky” (Diminuendo)
Au Pairs, “Tongue in Cheek” (Stepping Out of Line)
John Foxx, “Underpass” (Metamatic)

Lard, “Hellfudge” (Power of Lard)
Ministry, “Stigmata” (Live) (In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up)
Cabaret Voltaire, “Cut the Damn Camera” (12-Inch Version) (#8385 Collected Works)
Clock DVA, “Sound Mirror” (Buried Dreams)
Patti Smith Group, “Dancing Barefoot” (Wave)
Straightjacket Fits, “She Speeds” (Hail)
The Smiths, “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” (Louder Than Bombs)
The Comsat Angels, “The Eye Dance” (Sleep No More)
Bauhaus, “Silent Hedges” (The Sky’s Gone Out)
And Also the Trees, “Midnight Garden” (And Also the Trees)
Alien Sex Fiend, “E.S.T. (Trip to the Moon)” (Acid Bath)
Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Ornaments of Gold” (Peepshow)

Joy Division, “Heart and Soul” (Closer)
He Said, “A.B.C. Dicks Love” (Take Care)
The Damned, “Anti-Pope” (Machine Gun Etiquette)
Public Image Ltd., “Swan Lake” (Metal Box)
Nitzer Ebb, “Shame” (Belief)
Coil, “Panic” (Scatology)
Lead Into Gold, “The Sweetest Kiss” (Low and Slow)
Skinny Puppy, “Hardest Heat” (The Process)
New Order, “Chosen Time” (Movement)
The Bolshoi, “Sunday Morning” (Away)
Minimal Compact, “Not Knowing” (Returning Wheel)
Xmal Deutschland, “Stummes Kind” (Fetisch)
David Bowie, “I Can’t Give Everything Away” (Blackstar)


Got a request? To be considered for next week’s show, drop it in the comments below by noon Tuesday. Requests will be considered as long as they fit the show’s format and generally within the 1stWave era — and provided the host doesn’t harbor an intense dislike of the song. 





  1. Some great female vocals tonight, always a fan. I can’t say I have one favorite Sisters of Mercy song, but More definitely isn’t in last place for sure. Thank you very much for the Wire. You make Sunday nights a destination and a journey for sure.

    Could we hear:

    Daniel Ash- Me and My Shadow

    Please and thank you as always for bringing that authentic Krampus flavor to the holiday season. It was the chilliest.

  2. Can you dig up “Sick For Toys” by the Sugarcubes/Björk for next Sunday’s show? Thanx!

  3. Hi Matt, I enjoy your musical selections a great deal. You the pulse of a country. I’d like to request “Dig it” by Skinny Puppy.

  4. THanks so much for the Straitjacket Fits. Especially back to back with Patti Smith.

    Great show tonight, especially Hour 2 and this week’s Nitzer Ebb cut. Thanks and have a great week.

  5. kimmi514@aol.com

    Great show tonight!

  6. Thanks for the night!
    Haven’t heard Faith & the Muse for a minute. May I have their song Sparks, please?

  7. Great show tonight! I would like to request:

    Charlotte Sometimes -The Cure
    Dark Entries -Bauhaus
    Interzone – Joy Division

  8. What an amazing show…That Abecedarians track I always assumed was Then Jericho because the mixtape I got never came with an insert! And that Bowie track . And thanks for XMLD!

  9. Robert Wilson

    Awesome show as always, Matt! Any chance of ever extending Section 25’s Looking from a Hilltop with that Final Cut mix, ‘She Destroys(Hilltop mix)?

  10. Robert Wilson

    Awesome show as always, Matt! How about some of the darker Fra Lippo Lippi…Say Something?

  11. May I hear
    “Asbestos Lead Asbestos “ by World Domination Enterprises or the cover by Meat Beat Manifesto thanks

  12. Another great set, some really choice cuts.

  13. Please play
    The Smiths – half a person
    Fred- mindblower

  14. Thanks for playing the Bowie request…perfect ender to the night !

    How about for next week : Airiel : In Your Room

    Thanks Matt

  15. Another great show Matt!
    Some suggestions for next week:

    Concrete Blonde — Rain
    The Cure — More Than This

  16. How about Bronski Beat – Junk

  17. Thanks for playing my request last night. My final request for this year will be Japan’s “Ghosts,” a perfect song that summed up my 2021. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  18. Sad Lovers and Giants, “Far From the Sea”

  19. Matt, love the show! I’d love to hear some Ghostdance ” River of no return” or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry “Hollow Eyes”.

  20. How about David J “I Cant Shake This Shadow of Fear”
    or something from Daniel Ash’s first solo album, Coming Down?

  21. A few suggestions for next week:

    She’s In Parties – Bauhaus
    Stories of Old – Depeche Mode
    Elegia – New Order

  22. Can you play “North” by Bible For Dogs on the next show? Please and thank you!

  23. Douglas McLaren

    I would love to hear Sad Lovers and Giants, “Far From the Sea”, if you could squeeze it in! Thanks in advance!

  24. I look forward to this show every week, and it never disappoints.

    Would love to hear:
    Controlled Bleeding – In Penetration (j.a.t.h. remix)


  25. Thanks for The Asylum Party
    Can I maybe hear a track by Daniel Johnston possibly “Grievances” or “Casper The Friendly Ghost” thanks

  26. Hey Matt Thank You So Much For “Stigmata” ( Live )
    Can I hear “Pristine Christine” By: The Sea Urchins ( Sarah Records) Thank You

  27. If you could play a great track by the great
    Psychic T.V – Just Like Arcadia
    If so that would be highly appreciated thank you

  28. Can I hear:
    “Snowgirl”- The Pop Group
    For the Christmas/ Winter spirit

  29. Thanks for playing The Bolshoi!

    My dark heart is full.

  30. “In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up”, let me tell you, it was a great episode!

    This week’s Darkness Award:
    Ministry, “Stigmata”

    To commemorate the passing of Anne Rice:

    Request for future show:
    The Electric Hellfire Club, “Sympathy for the Devil”

  31. How about “Blank Frank” or “Here Comes the warm jets” – Brian Eno
    Thank You

  32. and all this time I thought the 15th was an original by Fischerspooner!

  33. Oh my goodness (and darkness) – such a great show… stigmata from in case you didn’t feel like showing up…. Took me right back to 16 yo me watching the VHS tape of Al and crew behind a 25 ft high chain link fence… Ah good times, thanks!

  34. Great choices and cover tunes!

    Here are some requests –

    Throwing Muses – The River
    Ministry – Lay Lady Lay


  35. Hi, I’d like to request Anemone by Brian Jonestown Massacre. This was supposedly Anthony Bourdain’s favorite song. He was quite a connoisseur of off-the-beaten-track music. Thanks.

  36. Winterstorms

    Will there be a darkwave not this Sunday but next and will you answer on this Sunday’s show please and thank you my request is for
    “Thrash me “ by Malaria!

  37. I like your show a lot. Heard about it on first wave after downloading the app a few months ago. It’s nice to heat something different for a change. Is it possible to hear something early from the Warlock Pinchers, Butthole Surfers, or Melvins? Your pick if your up for it, if not I understand. Just wanted to make some suggestions to see what you will or won’t play!

  38. Great show! If there’s a holiday episode, it would be great to hear “My Favorite Things” by Laibach. Thanks.

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