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Jah Wobble lends bass to Cathal Coughlan’s Telefís project — hear “Falun Gong Dancer”

Jah Wobble

The new electronic duo Telefís — the brainchild of Microdisney/Fatima Mansions frontman Cathal Coughlan and producer Jacknife Lee — has enlisted bass legend Jah Wobble to contribute deep dub grooves to “Falun Gong Dancer,” the group’s latest single and a track off their forthcoming debut album.

You can hear the dub version of the song, one of three versions featuring the former Public Image Ltd. bassist that are available on the just-released Falun Gong Dancer EP, right here via its brand-new music video.

Of the collaboration, Wobble says:

“An honor to be involved in this, to be working with Telefís. This seemingly simple, sweet naïve video speaks volumes. The ancestral trek; rural Ireland to the dancehalls, pubs and crowded rented rooms of tough uncompromising London. All captured in a dub prism. Of course, my best collaborations have always been with the Irish…. Ronnie Drew, Johnny Lydon, Sinead et al. A nation at times traumatized, beyond belief, but full of soul, song and rebelliousness. And to be fair forgiveness… big hearted nation.”



Telefís’s debut album, the 13-track a hAon, is due out March 4. Coughlan and Lee, who has produced U2, R.E.M., Modest Mouse and The Killers, describe the project as “a satirical, mischievous examination of Irish history and pop culture” — something they call ”a corrosive nostalgia.”

Of working with Wobble, Coughlan says:

“Even a relatively obscure musical life such as mine can fortunately bring pinch-yourself moments of proximity to greatness, and so it is with Jah Wobble’s transformative contribution to this version of ‘Falun Gong Dancer.’ The song was already a high-point of the first Telefís album, but in this version it goes somewhere else entirely, thanks to JW’s signature contribution.”

The full Telefís album is available to pre-order now.





  1. Any U.S. residents interested in pre-ordering this album, please check out this link: or for digital downloads.

  2. Brilliant – Thanks so much Matt!

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