Album News — March 5, 2022 at 2:22 pm

The Cure’s new album “Songs of a Lost World” could be out by September

Calling it “the doomiest thing that we’ve ever done,” Robert Smith this week announced that the first of two new albums from The Cure — a 10-song set he says will be called Songs of a Lost World — could be out as soon as September, ahead of the band’s European tour.

Smith made the remarks in an interview at the NME Awards, where he played with Chvrches, performing “How Not To Drown,” his duet with the band, and The Cure classic “Just Like Heaven.”

Smith says the two new Cure albums each will have 10 songs, and that the second one, the title of which he didn’t reveal, is finished. Smith still needs to record vocals for four songs on Songs of a Lost World, and that album is scheduled to be mixed beginning April 1. The artwork and sequencing are complete. He’s also working on a long-threatened solo album.

Of the three albums he says:

“Well, the first Cure album is relentless doom and gloom. It’s the doomiest thing that we’ve ever done. The second one is upbeat, and my one won’t be out until next year. I have to keep revisiting it. It’s a thing I’ve wanted to do for so many years. I realize I’ve only got one shot at doing it, so I’ve now started to add real instruments and acoustic instruments, whereas this time two years ago — was it two years ago? — it was literally just feedback. But I’ve kind of grown a bit disenchanted with it. I’d listened to it like three times and I think it’s rubbish.”

The new Cure album will be the band’s first since 2008’s 4.13 Dream, and Smith already has pledged to play the new songs when the group goes on tour in Europe this fall. North American dates are not expected until 2023. This year’s concerts will be the band’s first live performances since before the pandemic, when The Cure followed up its Pasadena Daydream festival in September 2019 with appearances at the Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, Texas, and a one-off stadium concert in Mexico City.

Below, check out Smiths’ full interview with NME and see his performances with Chvrches.









  1. Could be or should be… with a huge tour in fall I bet he better get it finished and Done this time but if I don’t get him wrong it seems that we have to wait further more for the ”sad” one and the upbeat album will be released prior the album we, or I waiting for. I’m not very interested in an album of upbeat popsongs.

    • “Well, the first Cure album is relentless doom and gloom. It’s the doomiest thing that we’ve ever done. The second one is upbeat, and my one won’t be out until next year.”

  2. I’m sure the “In Orange” Blu-ray will come out the same day!

  3. David chuckle

    You got it backwards. The first one is the doom and gloom. Learn to read.

    • You should know by now that Robert Smith will change his mind about something on a dime or it could be all wishful thinking. At this rate, we’ll all be surprised if an album comes out before 2023.

  4. Yeah, mixing on “April 1st’.

  5. I know he’s saying September, but kinda not holding my breath. It’s been almost 14 years, just make one good new album that we can all be grateful for.

  6. john Robinson

    as long as its good I’m ok with being upbeat or less dark then the last few albums I just want to hear more of their music

  7. Well, here we are: well into October with the first tour date just a few hours away. This is the album that will never be released!

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