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Playlist: Sirius XM’s ‘Dark Wave’ — 10th anniversary all-covers edition (10/9/22)

Siouxsie and the Banshees

“Dark Wave,” hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Matt Sebastian, airs 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern every Sunday on Sirius XM satellite radio’s 1st Wave (Channel 33). The most recent two episodes also are available via Sirius XM’s On Demand service for online subscribers.

This is a special episode featuring all cover songs to commemorate Matt Sebastian’s 10th anniversary as host of 1st Wave’s long-running “Dark Wave” show. Following a guest appearance in the summer of 2011, he was hired to program and host the show beginning with the Oct. 7, 2012, episode.


Ciccone Youth, “Into the Groovey” (The Whitey Album) [Madonna cover]
This Mortal Coil, “Drugs” (Dust & Guitars) [Talking Heads cover]
Bauhaus, “Severance” (Gotham) [Dead Can Dance cover]
Ian McCulloch, “Lover, Lover, Lover” (Mysterio) [Leonard Cohen cover]
The Wedding Present, “High” (Just Like Heaven) [The Cure cover]
The Cure, “World In My Eyes” (For the Masses) [Depeche Mode cover]
Depeche Mode, “Heroes” (Highline Sessions) [David Bowie cover]
The Church, “Hounds of Love” (Coffee Hounds EP) [Kate Bush cover]
Julian Cope, “Non-Alignment Pact” (St. Julian: Expanded Edition) [Pere Ubu cover]
David Bowie, “I’ve Been Waiting For You” (Heathen) [Neil Young cover]
The Mission, “Like a Hurricane” (Extended Version) (The First Chapter) [Neil Young cover]
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “Helpless” (The Weeping Song) [Neil Young cover]
Pixies, “Winterlong” (Complete ‘B’ Sides) [Neil Young cover]
Sonic Youth, “Computer Age” (The Bridge) [Neil Young cover]

The Sisters of Mercy, “Emma” (Floodland) [Hot Chocolate cover]
Poésie Noire, “A Night Like This” (Oblivion) [The Cure cover]
Martin L. Gore, “In a Manner of Speaking” (Counterfeit EP) [Tuxedomoon cover]
Concrete Blonde, “Everybody Knows” (Pump Up the Volume soundtrack) [Leonard Cohen cover]
Laibach, “Get Back” (Let It Be) [The Beatles cover]
Revolting Cocks, “(Let’s Get) Physical” (Banned Version) (Trax! Rarities) [Olivia Newton John cover]
Nine Inch Nails, “Memorabilia” (Closer to God) [Soft Cell cover]
Dessau, “Isolation” (Exercise in Tension) [Joy Division cover]
Siouxsie and the Banshees, “The Passenger” (Loco-Motion Mix) (Through the Looking Glass) [Iggy Pop cover]
The Jesus and Mary Chain, “My Girl” (Peel Session) (Automatic: Expanded Edition) [The Temptations cover]
Japan, “I Second That Emotion” (Assemblage) [Smokey Robinson and the Miracles cover]
The Associates, “Boys Keep Swinging” (The Very Best Of) [David Bowie cover]

Joy Division, “Sister Ray” (Live) (Still) [The Velvet Underground cover]
Gang of Four, “Sweet Jane” (Live) (Entertainment! Expanded & Remastered) [The Velvet Underground cover]
Frazier Chorus, “Anarchy in the UK” (Sloppy Heart) [Sex Pistols cover]
Black Francis, “All In My Mind” (New Tales to Tell) [Love and Rockets cover]
Magazine, “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” (The Correct Use of Soap) [Sly & The Family Stone cover]
The Slits, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” (Cut) [Marvin Gaye cover]
Grace Jones, “She’s Lost Control” (Long Version) (The Collection) [Joy Division cover]
New Order, “Turn the Heater On” (Peel Sessions) [Keith Hudson cover]
The Divine Comedy, “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” (The Smiths Is Dead) [The Smiths cover]
Daniel Ash, “Day Tripper” (Coming Down) [The Beatles cover]
Peter Murphy, “Space Oddity” (Space Oddity) [David Bowie cover]
A Certain Ratio, “Houses in Motion” (acr:box) [Talking Heads cover]
Morrissey, “A Song From Under the Floorboards” (The Youngest Was the Most Loved) [Magazine cover]


Got a request? To be considered for next week’s show, drop it in the comments below by noon Tuesday. Requests will be considered as long as they fit the show’s format and generally within the 1stWave era — and provided the host doesn’t harbor an intense dislike of the song. 







  1. Can you dig up “Tell Me Why” by Berlin for next Sunday’s show? Thanx!

    P.S., happy 10th anniversary!! Here’s to another 10 years!

  2. Yes, Happy 10th! As far as covers, many more for another show for sure.

    How about “Something Came Over Me” from Throbbing Gristle or Cassandra Complex for the near future?

  3. Happy 10th Anniversary Matt! I love this show since April 2016!

  4. Thank you for all your work on the show. Happy decade!

  5. Happy 10th Anniversary Matt! I love this show since April 2016!

  6. I guess I never thought about how influential Neil Young was/is. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Many excellent choices (Grace Jones!) but the winner tonight has to be Divine Comedy. I love that version almost as much as I love the original.

    Thanks for 10. Hope to hear what you’ll do on your 20th anniversary show. Have a good one.

  7. that was quite a collection. hit a few I hadn’t heard before. Anyway here is to another 10 years.

  8. Fantastic covers show, Matt! Particularly loved the covers you chose by Dessau, Poesie Noire, NIN, Ciccone Youth, and This Mortal Coil. Would have loved to see Data-Bank-A’s cover of “Isolation” as well, but alas.

    For next week’s show, can you please play the extended version of “Blue Room” by Kirlian Camera? Please and thank you!

  9. Last night’s show was so great! Congrats on 10 years strong! I had the (Let’s Get) Physical 12″ and it’s so nice to hear the real thing instead of 7 mins of Chris Connell shouting TALK! repeated over and over (though the redacted vers still holds a special place in my heart).

    For an upcoming ep this month how about something off of Severed Heads’ Rotund for Success? Like Big Car or All Saints’ Day… This time of year always gets those jangling around in my head. Or, while it might be a little past the darkwave era, Luna’s cover of Indian Summer is another autumnal fave.

  10. Loved the covers show Matt, that was really fun. I really liked the Neil Young covers block. Congrats on the anniversary and here’s to another 10!

    Next week request: Sacrifice by Rudimentary Peni, or one of your faves of theirs.


  11. Happy 10th Anniversary!!! Thank you for such great music. Truly the BEST show on the platform. Looking forward to listening for another decade.

  12. Happy 10th!!! Damn, how time flies!

  13. Kurt Schmidt

    Hayden does an awesome cover of The Pixies “Gouge Away”. Would love to hear that at some point.

    Bowie covering The Pixies “Cactus” is another good one

  14. Corey Miller-McLain

    Congrats on 10 awesome years Matt!
    Last night was a killer covers show!
    For next week please:
    Psycho Magnet by London After Midnight

  15. Brilliant, brilliant show this week! Loved these covers!

    Any chance you could play the extended version of “She’s A Superstar” by Verve for next week’s show?

  16. Matt. Appreciate the past 10 years of song selections.

  17. Higher than the Sun- Primal Scream

    Happy tenth Matt!

  18. Amazing show! You must do a Part 2 and include Front Line Assembly’s cover of U2’s New Years Day that they sing with Tiffany. Yes, the Mall singer, Tiffany. I think it’s one of the most amazing covers ever.

  19. Enjoyed all the covers!

  20. Graceful episode.

    This week’s Darkness Award:
    Grace Jones, “She’s Lost Control”

  21. Ken Winland

    You are the reason I subscribe to Sirius XM. FANTASTIC program! I look forward to this every week, and listen to it several times.

    The RIAA should subsidize you – I buy a new album every week because of your deep cuts! I lived through this era, and I am still discovering new music.

    Here’s to another 10 years!


  22. Jagger Mabry

    Song Request

    Pitchshifter – Microwaved

  23. Congrats on the 10 years. The cover set was fantastic. Grace Jones is such a bad ass!
    Can I request
    Love and Rockets-A Private Future

  24. Ken Carlyle

    This was an awesome show. I have long wanted an all covers show and you delivered a true gem. Thank you!

  25. Happy 10 years….so glad to see a couple older shows pop up on app too, wish they could stay on there

  26. Jonathan Leon

    Happy 10 years!!!!
    Any chance you can play Away by The Bolshoi?
    That would be awesome!!

  27. Thank you all for the kind words. I’ve been traveling for the last couple weeks, and prerecorded several shows in advance, so will start using recent requests beginning with the show on Oct. 23.

  28. Congrats on 10 years Matt! My wife and I found Darkwave a few years back and have been faithful listeners ever since. Here’s to the next 10 years!!!

  29. I discovered Dark Wave a few years ago and listened while making late night deliveries. Now, I listen while grading or the occasional drive. Or, I’ll listen later on the app — sometimes both! Congratulations on a decade and thank you for playing my requests over the years!

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