Radio — January 28, 2023 at 1:41 pm

Listen: “The Go-Betweens and The Irish Writers” 50-minute radio documentary

The Go-Betweens | Photo by Joe Shutter

Dublin’s Radio Nova 100 FM broadcast a very well-done 50-minute audio documentary by Ken Sweeney about Australian cult favorites The Go-Betweens a few weeks back, and now you can listen to the whole thing via the Soundcloud player below.

Titled “The Go-Betweens and The Irish Writers,” the documentary chronicles the band’s career through a new interview with Robert Forster — who has a new album, The Candle and The Flame, out Friday — and a previously unaired interview with his late co-songwriter and co-bandleader, Grant McClennan.

Two former Go-Betweens’ bassists, Robert Vickers and John Willsteed, make appearances as well, though multi-instrumentalist Amanda Brown and, most conspicuously, drummer Lindy Morrison are absent.

Check it out:






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