Album News — April 13, 2023 at 9:09 am

Dead Milkmen debut “Grandpa’s Not A Racist (He Just Voted For One)” off upcoming album

The Dead Milkmen | Photo by Jessica Kourkounis

The Dead Milkmen are back with their first new album in nearly a decade — Quaker City Quiet Pills — and they’ve just debuted lead-off single “Grandpa’s Not A Racist (He Just Voted For One),” a song the band describes as mocking “the mental acrobatics of defending a Trump-loving grandparent.”

The 13-track album will be released June 9 via The Giving Groove, a record label with a charitable giving model that will allow the Milkmen to donate the label’s proceeds of album revenue to Rock the Future, a nonprofit organization that “equips Philadelphia youth with life skills to support current and lifelong well-being through free, student-driven music programs.”

Quaker City Quiet Pills can be pre-ordered now via

The new album is the first since 2014’s Pretty Music For Pretty People from the punk jokesters, and it touches on everything from BDSM to astral projection to white supremacists to indecisive takeout customers (“I’m making fun of myself there — I get angry at everything,” Rodney Anonymous says of the latter, the subject of “How Do You Even Manage to Exist”).

Below, check out the new single, and the full tracklist and artwork for the upcoming album.



The Dead Milkmen, Quaker City Quiet Pills

1. “Grandpa’s Not A Racist (He Just Voted For One)”
2. “Philadelphia Femdom”
3. “Musical Chairs”
4. “The King of Sick”
5. “Albert Square”
6. “Astral Dad”
7. “We Have Always Lived in The Compound”
8. “We Are (Clearly Not) The Master Race”
9. “How Do You Even Manage To Exist”
10. “God Wrote Cum Junkie”
11. “Hen’s Teeth and Goofa Dust”
12. “Melt Into The Night”
13. “The New York Guide to Art”





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