The Cure's Robert Smith

Further evidence that Robert Smith may be revving up for an active 2011: The son of bassist Simon Gallup posted on Facebook that he was in the studio with The Cure last week, news that lit up fan sites and forums over the weekend.

On Thursday, Eden Gallup posted this on the Facebook page of his band Violet Vendetta: “In the studio with the cure. Great to hear them playing again! Surprises! Xx.” (Via Chain of Flowers)

Aside from headlining Coachella in 2009, The Cure has been largely dormant since releasing 4.13 Dream and touring in 2008. In December, Smith surprised fans by announcing the band will perform at the U.K.’s Bestival this September — although it’s being billed as The Cure’s only European show this year.

As for what Smith and Co. could be working on in the studio — if they’re recording and not just rehearsing — it’s possible they’re finally finishing the so-called “Dark Album,” the long-promised companion piece to 4.13 Dream. Smith last mentioned the project in an update to The Cure’s website a year ago; he wrote that “…part two of the ‘Dream’ sessions is slowly taking shape.”

Of course, Smith still hasn’t delivered on the promise he made in October 2009 when he announced last year’s Disintegration reissue: “There will be a lot more remastered Cure stuff in 2010… including Mixed Up 2…” (a sequel to the 1990 remix album) as well as “The Cure @ The BBC box set… ‘In Orange’ and (1993 concert film) ‘Show’ on DVD… and…”

UPDATE: Violet Vendetta has posted a new update on Facebook clarifying its report, saying, “to clear up some confusion, the cure were not recording anything new last week, just dusting of and getting together for 2011, looking forward etca”



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