Love and Rockets circa 1989

Starting with collections from Love and Rockets and Gary Numan, the archival arm of Beggars Banquet this spring will launch a new series of five-album catalog box sets designed to help keep “slower selling titles” in print, an effort the label acknowledges “may be the last chance to present the albums as physical releases in the foreseeable future.”

The 5 Albums box sets from Love and Rockets and Gary Numan are each due out May 13, along with a collection from former Transglobal Underground singer Natacha Atlas, are due out May 13. Collections from Bauhaus, The Fall, The Charlatans, The Icicle Works, Gene Loves Jezebel, Fields of the Nephilim and Buffalo Tom are expected to follow in spring and summer.

On its blog, Beggars Archive explains the series:

“With limited rack space available, few stores can stock artist’s catalogues in depth. Equally it’s increasingly difficult for labels to justify manufacturing the slower selling titles. Most acts have one or two titles in their catalogue that sell regularly but it’s invertible that other titles have a more limited demand. To combat this, and keep albums available digitally in a higher sound quality format, Beggars Archive is introducing a series of 5 Album CD box sets. We’re aware this may be the last chance to present the albums as physical releases in the foreseeable future, so the sets are targeted at both fans and casual buyers who are interested in the artists but may not know their work in depth.”

The label notes that, depending on the status of digital masters, some of the sets — packaged in clamshell boxes, with CDs in vinyl replica wallets — will include remastered CDs with additional bonus material, including unreleased tracks where available. And in some cases, such as the Love and Rockets box set, entirely new compilations will be put together.

The new Love and Rockets set collects the band’s ’80s albums — Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven, Express, Earth.Sun.Moon and Love and Rockets, each with bonus tracks from previous reissues — plus a new compilation called Assorted! that features the Swing! and Bubblemen EPs, six live tracks, a stray B-side and the previously unreleased song “Sorted.”

As for the Numan box, that set collects three early ’80s albums — Dance, I, Assassin and Warriors, all with previous bonus material — and the 2CD live album Living Ornaments ’81.

Full tracklists below.


Love and Rockets, '5 Albums'

Tracklist: Love and Rockets, 5 Albums

CD 1: Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
1. “If There’s A Heaven Above”
2. “A Private Future”
3. “The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By”
4. “The Game”
5. “Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven”
6. “Haunted When The Minutes Drag”
7. “Saudade”
Bonus tracks:
8. “Ball Of Confusion” (UK Mix)
9. “Inside The Outside”
10. “If THere’s A Heaven Above” (12” Mix)
11. “God And Mr. Smith”
12. “Haunted When The Minutes Drag” (USA Edit)
13. “If There’s A Heaven Above” (Canada Mix)

CD 2: Express
1. “It Could Be Sunshine”
2. “Kundalini Express”
3. “All In My Mind”
4. “Life In Laralay”
5. “Yin And Yang (The Flowerpot Man)”
6. “Love Me”
7. “All In My Mind” (Acoustic Version)
8. “An American Dream”
Bonus tracks:
9. “Angels And Devils”
10. “Holiday On The Moon”
11. “Lucifer Sam”
12. “B-Side No. 1”
13. “B-Side No. 2”
14. “Yin And Yang (The Flowerpot Man)” (Remix)
15. “Ball Of Confusion” (USA Mix)

CD 3: Earth.Sun.Moon
1. “Mirror People”
2. “The Light”
3. “Welcome Tomorrow”
4. “No New Tale To Tell”
5. “Here On Earth”
6. “Lazy”
7. “Waiting For The Flood”
8. “Rain Bird”
9. “The Telephone Is Empty”
10. “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven”
11. “Earth, Sun, Moon”
12. “Youth”
Bonus track:
13. “Mirror People” (Slow Version)

CD 4: Love and Rockets
1. “**** (Jungle Law)”
2. “No Big Deal”
3. “The Purest Blue”
4. “Motorcycle”
5. “I Feel Speed”
6. “Bound For Hell”
7. “The Teardrop Collector”
8. “So Alive”
9. “Rock And Roll Babylon”
10. “No Words No More”
Bonus tracks:
11. “Bike”
12. “Bikedance”
13. “No Big Deal” (12” Remix)
14. “Dreamtime”

CD 5: Assorted!
1. “Mirror People ‘88” (Full Length Version)
Swing! EP
2. “Wake Up”
3. “Cuckoo Land”
4. “The Early Worm”
5. “1000 Watts Of Your Love”
6. “Bad Monkey”
Misc. tracks:
7. “David Lanfair”
8. “Sorted” (Previously Unreleased)
9. “Mirror People” (Live)
10. “No New Tale To Tell” (Live)
11. “Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven” (Live)
12. “Love Me” (Live)
13. “Kundalini Express” (Live)
14. “Lazy” (Live)
The Bubblemen EP
15. “The Bubblemen Are Coming”
16. “The Bubblemen Rap” (Full Length Version)
17. “Dub Rap”
18. “B Side” (Edit)


Gary Numan, '5 Albums'

Tracklist: Gary Numan, 5 Albums

CD 1: Living Ornaments ’81 Part One
1. “Intro / This Wreckage”
2. “Remind Me To Smile”
3. “Metal”
4. “Me, I Disconnect From You”
5. “Complex”
6. “The Aircrash Bureau”
7. “Airlane”
8. “M.E.”
9. “Everyday I Die”
10. “Films”
11. “Remember I Was Vapour”
12. “Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement)”
13. “Conversation”

CD 2: Living Ornaments ’81 Part Two
1. “She’s Got Claws”
2. “Cars”
3. “I Dream Of Wires”
4. “I’m An Agent”
5. “The Joy Circuit”
6. “I Die: You Die”
7. “Cry The Clock Said”
8. “Tracks”
9. “Down In The Park”
10. “My Shadow In Vain”
11. “Please Push No More”
12. “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”
13. “We Are Glass / Outro”

CD 3: Dance
1. “Slowcar To China”
2. “Night Talk”
3. “A Subway Called ‘You’”
4. “Cry The Clock Said”
5. “She’s Got Claws”
6. “Crash”
7. “Boys Like Me”
8. “Stories”
9. “My Brother’s Time”
10. “You Are, You Are”
11. “Moral”
Bonus tracks:
12. “Stormtrooper In Drag”
13. “Face To Face”
14. “Dance”
15. “Exhibition”
16. “I Sing Rain”

CD 4: I, Assassin
1. “White Boys And Heroes”
2. “War Songs”
3. “A Dream Of Siam”
4. “Music For Chameleons”
5. “This Is My House”
6. “I, Assassin”
7. “The 1930’s Rust”
8. “We Take Mystery (To Bed)”
Bonus tracks:
9. “War Games”
10. “Glitter And Ash”
11. “The Image Is”
12. “This House Is Cold”
13. “Noise Noise”
14. “We Take Mystery (To Bed)” (Early Version)
15. “Bridge? What Bridge?”

CD 5: Warriors
1. “Warriors”
2. “I Am Render”
3. “The Iceman Comes”
4. “This Prison Moon”
5. “My Centurion”
6. “Sister Surprise”
7. “The Tick Tock Man”
8. “Love Is Like Clock Law”
9. “The Rhythm Of The Evening”
Bonus tracks:
10. “Poetry And Power”
11. “My Car Slides (1)”
12. “My Car Slides (2)”
13. “Nameless And Forgotten (Gangster Strut)”
14. “Sister Surprise” (Single Mix)
15. “Warriors” (Full Length Version)




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