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Daniel Ash of Bauhaus to host all-inclusive, $2,000-a-person weekend in Las Vegas

Daniel Ash

Peter Murphy may be hitting the road this spring with an all-Bauhaus show, but his former bandmate Daniel Ash is offering fans a far more rare and intimate — albeit considerably more pricey — experience in the form of “Truth Be Told,” an all-inclusive Las Vegas weekend of music, dining and conversation this May that will set fans back at least $2,000.

For that price, though, fans will receive luxury hotel accommodations for the May 2-4 event, transportation, several parties and dining experiences with Ash, a “private Q&A session” and the main attraction: a private concert in a Las Vegas mansion, at which Ash will perform material from Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets, as well as his solo career, with a three-piece band.

Tickets for “Truth Be Told with Daniel Ash” — put on by Inside the Music, which promoted Murphy’s similar but twice-the-price “Miracula Sessions” last year — will be sold through a silent auction that runs online from March 6 through April 17; bidding begins at $2,000 (and does not include airfare), and the 30 highest bidders above that amount will receive tickets to the event.

Fans who can’t or aren’t willing to pony up that much do have an option, though: The event’s promoters are raffling off a single pair of tickets plus lodging and $500 toward airfare to Las Vegas. To enter, fans can buy $65 raffle tickets from March 6 through April 17 on Inside the Music’s website.

Finally, Ash plans to donate an unspecified amount of his proceeds toward creating a music rehearsal space for children in the Los Angeles area. According to the event’s promoters, “When he was growing up, it was always a problem for them to find space where the noise wouldn’t bother parents.  So he’s going to use some of the proceeds from this event to provide that space for his hometown.”

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  1. Catherine

    How ridiculously lavish.

  2. Gotta exploit the rich fans! :P

  3. Scott Briggs

    Oh bollocks to this. I love Danny Ash
    and all, but this is pretty outrageous.
    If I were Richard Branson I guess I wouldn’t
    blink an eye, but I ain’t. Man, the music
    world is deteriorating ever faster. I always
    enjoyed meeting some of my heroes in years
    past, but I don’t recall normally having to
    pay $5000 or more to do so. How ridiculously desperate. Man, the economy is still awful and the scam artists, I notice, are out in droves!
    Not even talking about Daniel who clearly got
    himself roped into all this, but the promotion
    company itself. I hope you all get your
    Ferraris soon! Enjoy!

  4. Crazy shit!

  5. Rabieschic

    This is obnoxious, Dan. Show some respect for your fans and yourself.

  6. From their website:
    “He’s generously decided to donate a large portion of the proceeds from event ticket sales towards building a space for children, in and around his hometown of —, so that kids’ love of music won’t be stifled.”
    His hometown of —… yeah these guys have a real interest in the artists and their music.

  7. Ive already bought my raffle tkt! so here’s hoping!!!! gig of a lifetime for me, for sure!

  8. Peter Murphy did pretty much the exact same thing a few years ago. Interesting that Daniel Ash is following suit.

  9. Skellngtn

    Didn’t Danny give Peter the idea to do this sort of thing?

  10. Hey…

    I hate this kind of crap, but we have to remember that pivotal bands like Bauhaus never got the acclaim of a lot of the big name bands that include Bauhaus as a major influence.

    Sometimes, this legacy is all they have left to make a living on. I mean, I don’t see it in Ash’s future to become an electrical engineer or a C# programmer for Bungee…

    I ‘could’ do this, but wouldn’t and wish the best to those that do.

    • It’s actually not about acclaim, but it’s about records not selling anymore due to online theft and a whole generation who think music should be downloaded for free, and Bauhaus may have had a bad record deal and weren’t getting a good royalty rate in the first place.

      I read a comment by David Byrne that the only way he gets money from music anymore is by licensing songs, not from royalties from record sales.

      There’s a reason bands are reforming and people who haven’t toured in a long time are back on the road.

    • pessimystica

      I totally agree with this statement. That’s why i’ve been trying to support Bauhaus & company almost every time they come through my town. I’ve seen Bauhaus twice, Murphy a handful of times, & even Ash & David J solo (now all i need is Tones on Tail!). I totally get all these reunion tours… plus, it’s like i’ve read & heard from various sources – it’s a great way to get the younger generations interested. Resurrection Tour ’98 literally saved my musical listening life, since 90s music had gone on a steep decline at that time!!!

  11. Give him a break. He needs to eat.

    He, (and nearly every other artist on here) used to be able to rely on getting a check from the sale of his back catalog. Now, everyone steals his songs off the Internet and that dried up.

    I say good luck to him.

  12. I would love to go to this but the price, obviously, is too much for my bank account. I am thinking about buying a raffle ticket and hoping I get lucky.

  13. I don’t think the price is high considering what you get. Love and Rockets is my second favorite band after The Cure though I consider Ash and co. better musicians. I think it also worth considering that the groups and solo work of Ash didn’t sell in the millions so it isn’t like the guy has more money than brains and simply wants more.

  14. He clearly needs that money.

  15. My name is Joe Ciaglia, owner and creator of Inside the Music in Las Vegas. I created and developed the Miracula Sessions for Peter Murphy early last year. We had an incredibly successful event for about 30 fans that had the time of their life. I’m sorry that some of you feel so strongly about the price point for the event, however, perhaps I can shed some light for you to explain how unique this experience is. I will use the word “experience” because that is exactly what it was. It affords fans the opportunity to get to the know the artist personally, receive one of a kind gifts, and enjoy first class accommodations that Las Vegas has to offer. This is not like going to a show with a 5 minute meet and greet afterwards. We have created events for artists that made relationships between fans that will last a lifetime. That is a pretty cool thing to see. The bidding system is designed to allow fans an opportunity to pay what the event is worth to them. We have to set a reserve price because we roll out the red carpet for the fans in a lavish 3 days in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, that costs money. When was the last time you went to Las Vegas, stayed in a 5 diamond hotel, ate in the finest restaurants, and enjoyed private chauffeured transportation and didn’t spend any money? I do understand that these events are not for everyone given the price point, and those that are able to attend will get a truly unique experience that has never been offered to fans before. These events are special, we spare no expense, and deliver a once in a lifetime experience for the fans that understand the concept. I hope that this gives you a better understanding of what this company is all about. This does not have anything to do with an artist being greedy, we are simply creating a one off experience for the fans to enjoy, and for the artist to be able to make a living in the process. I welcome your questions and feedback, so please feel free to email me privately at

    Best always,
    Joe Ciaglia

  16. Peter Murphy did the event in Vegas and it was called Miracula. Daniel Ash had been approached before and never committed to what I believe is his shyness, but HE is the founder and creator of Bauhaus, Love and Rockets and Tones on Tails. Unlike Murphy, there’s not a pretentious bone in Ash. Murphy would never be were he is at if it weren’t for Ash! I wish him all the best; he’s a truly talented and fabulous person. *Team Ash*

  17. To everyone complaining that maybe he needs to do this cuz of the dire state of the music industry, people downloading music for free, etc. Sorry, but the guy’s been making music for 35 years. I realize he wasn’t in The Beatles, but if he NEEDS to do this then he needs to get a new accountant.

  18. I think Daniel Ash is a true genius! Not only did he form Bauhaus at age 19, but he did Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets with the Haskin brothers, and quite an amazing array of solo hits (of which have been on some major movies like American Psycho, Grosse Pointe Blank and others). Like a previous commenter stated: ‘there’s not a pretentious bone in his body.’ Beggars Banquet screwed him and the contract he had with American Artists really stuck it to him when the infamous fire broke out that happened when he and the other Love and Rockets members lost all their equipment and got stuck with the bill. And the cherry on the ugly sundae was when he was hitting the road for his solo tour and they got into a horrid auto accident. You never heard him complain, he always made the most of every situation. AND PETER MURPHY WOULD NEVER BE WHO OR WHAT HE IS HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THE GENIUS ASH. ASH IS BRILLIANT, COME ON AND SUPPORT THE LEGEND OF SO MANY GREAT THINGS – NOT TO MENTION ‘THE BUBBLEMEN.’ GOOD LUCK DANNY, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DESERVES IT ALL FOR YOU ARE THE CREATOR WHO NEVER GOT THE CREDIT THAT YOU JUSTLY DESERVE.

    • You are totally cool. I’m serious. And Ash deserves more credit. The guy should be a world famous rock star in a huge way. People unfamiliar with his work are really missing out.

  19. I would love to go and simply ask Daniel what he thinks about Peter Murphy doing a world tour called “celebrating 35 years of Bauhaus – the Mr. Moonlight tour” without the original three members – Since Daniel founded the band and made Ms. Murphy what shim is today, I am sure he would agree with the not-so-kind comments about Murphy doing this. I have always loved Danny, he is the coolest by far! All the best to him and I hope the Vegas event turns out well. He is very shy, but is an awesome guy.

  20. I would feel somewhat embarrassed either as the artist or as a fan attending one of these events although I do understand the lack of revenue prospects for the likes of Mr Ash in 2013. Surely David J has shown the way by using Kickstarter to finance a recording and then touring off the back of that to make income? Certainly beats that old hypocrite Murphy who slated J in an interview sometime back for “milking” the Bauhaus legacy and this year has announced a solo tour celebrating 35 year since you know who came into existence

  21. I met Daniel ash while he was dj’ing at a local bar, it only cost us about 5 rum and cokes, very down to earth and handsome fellow, we got our q&a too also a nice hug. ;)

  22. I find this to be so shallow of him. I saw him play in my city of Nashville, Tennessee at the Exit/In. He did a great show but afterwards he was really drunk and hobnobbing with a girl who looked like no one he would be with from the standpoint of the music he plays. I wanted to meet him but he obviously didn’t want to talk to anyone and he was angry because he made a small amount of money. Poor Danny, I like him but this was one of the first coffin nails driven into my Goth fascination for me. Also the fact that he wouldn’t friend me on FB which helped to disillusion me being a longtime fan of his. Oh well, I forgive him. Maybe it was a bad day for him, probably but the music was great. He played some Tones on Tail songs which I Love, he didn’t play Burning Skies which I kept shouting out for him to play, Lol. :P

  23. This gig got cancelled due to “personal reasons” backin early april.

  24. “This gig got cancelled due to “personal reasons” backin early april.”
    – probably cause there were no bids. :)

    It says something about the quality of the arranger that the website still says “auction open”

  25. What the fuck?! I just finished talking about how great these guys are (were!). I could expect this from Peter but this is the first I’ve heard about Daniel stooping this low. Yes, I know you could all use a bit more ca$h but really.
    This will be as successful as the Murphy sessions (a total joke).

    Inside the Music in Las Vegas seems to be greed in a box for aging lad’s in vain.

    “Ash plans to donate an unspecified amount of his proceeds toward creating a music rehearsal space for children in the Los Angeles area”… donate it all man.

  26. What the fuck?! I just finished talking about how great these guys are (were!). I could expect this from Peter but this is the first I’ve heard about Daniel stooping this low. Yes, I know you could all use a bit more ca$h but really.
    This will be as successful as the Murphy sessions (a total joke).

    Inside the Music in Las Vegas seems to be greed in a box for aging lads in vain.

    “Ash plans to donate an unspecified amount of his proceeds toward creating a music rehearsal space for children in the Los Angeles area”… donate it all man.

  27. When I read this article, I felt violently sick. I vomited all over the room non-stop; bile, last night’s food, this morning’s breakfast – the bitter taste and acrid smell of your own puke… I was dehydrated, and many hours later when I finished cleaning up my mess.. somewhere in the time i spent cleaning and going over the article in my mind I realized I was wrong for feeling so opposed to Daniel Ash’s $2000 show: The man’s solo career is comprised of 3 studio albums and 1 live album in the past 20 years – how do the fans expect the man to put food on the table? By selling t-shirts? Bumper stickers? More concerts? Do the fans realize how the music and concert business works? How much do they think Daniel makes playing a 300 person club at $20/ticket? Daniel is not a 20 year old guy anymore. Touring in a bus, smelling the other band member’s balls, farts and feet is a young man’s game. And if Peter Murphy did this successfully, as well as David Bowie with his “bowiebonds” – I do not recall the fans getting so upset about this – why can’t Daniel Ash? I can’t afford $2000 or even $200 for a ticket to see anyone: even if the Beatles reunite with vampire Lennon and Harrison at their peak. Therefore, be happy for Daniel Ash. Let him earn the money he could not do otherwise. The music industry is dead, so please don’t think the Love and Rockets CD you bought 20 years ago is still making him money. Even if he released a new album tomorrow – and all the songs were the best in the music niche he is in – the most he can expect to sell would be about 50000 copies, which would earn him a Platinum award. The other million copies will be illegally downloaded earning him nothing. So, please, don’t begrudge a rock artist earning a living. I hope it was a sold out show. Music is not free: it costs money to record it and put it out. I don’t care how big a “fan” you are. All recording artists have been shortchanged forever, but since the invention of the MP3, they’ve been cheated of profits even worse. You want free music? Go to a bus station and listen to some bum or drunk busker belt out “Amazing Grace” just like they do on American Idol auditions. And throw him a buck or two. He has to eat too.

  28. Not many know Daniel. I do. I happen to know more about his lifestyle and humble ways than most. You’d never know he was a rockstar by the way he lives. He’s a friend to his communit, a provider to the less fortunate in numerous ways, and has a heart to share what he has and never ask a thing in return. I honestly never would have suspected this of him for the first few years he had lived in the neighborhood, and so I snubbed him instead–forgetting several of his well-known and lesser known songs that I played over and over again in the late nineties. But after finally knowing him and experiencing his generosity and humility, I can honestly say, he is one one the kindest hearted people around. He’s been a great friend and continues to work to make ends meet. He’s not living the rock star life he once did, and many who have written prior are correct. The money isn’t there anymore, and he has bills to pay like everyone. To offer a weekend with him, (along with the concert, the parties and other 5star perks) in Vegas for a couple grand might strike some as wrong. But if anyone would use proceeds to help others–it would be him. He put on a great act on stage all of those years in addition to making some epic music, and though will always be remembered for his dark and no-so-friendly look, he really is the opposite underneath, and all who truly know him would agree. I feel for him more than most stars I know here in So. Cal.–and I can name drop like you wouldn’t believe. He is unique. His gains seem to have been mostly given, shared or partyed away, and yet he’d still help just about anyone, given the chance. Maybe this is more than you’d ever learn from a few nights in Vegas with him, but I’m not doing this for the money or for any favors owed. Daniel Ash came from working class roots, and is as down to earth as anyone I know. He didn’t break the bank, and yet, as an artist, he contributed immensely to an entire generation of musicians and the sub-culture. You’d be lucky to know the guy. I am.

  29. nicely put but I still don’t see why he doesn’t follow David Js example & get a kickstarter campaign together to record some more music rather than follow that weasel “the murph” and do this cash-in type events

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