Dean Wareham to play Galaxie 500’s ‘Today’ in San Francisco — ‘one time only’ performance

Dean Wareham will step out of his ongoing Luna reunion next month to celebrate his earlier band with a one-off performance of Galaxie 500’s 1988 debut album Today in San Francisco — a concert Wareham is calling a “one time only” event.

Wareham will play the album July 15 at The Chapel. He’ll be backed by his wife/Luna bassist Britta Phillips; Jason Quever, who performs as Papercuts; and Alison’s Halo drummer Roger Brogan.

On his Facebook page, Wareham characterizes the performance as “one time only.” In a statement from the promoter announcing the concert, he says: “Today was the first album I ever recorded and is still one of my favorites. I love playing these songs after so many years.”

Tickets for Wareham’s performance of Today are on sale now.





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  • UE405

    Serious dream pop/shoegaze fans should track down the Alison’s Halo catalog, currently available for download through Bandcamp. They didn’t burn long, but they burned bright — one of the great lost acts of the 90s. Hopefully the namecheck of their drummer means they’re once again a going concern, and we’ll see some new material from them again someday.

  • Jim Anderson

    Just got my ticket.



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