Album News — March 17, 2009 at 10:42 pm

Kim Deal covers Bob Marley for new Breeders ‘Fate to Fatal’ EP

The Breeders

News surfaced this week that The Breeders — the side project Pixies bassist Kim Deal launched in 1988 — will self-release a four-track EP called Fate to Fatal on April 21.

Recorded both in a professional British studio and Deal’s basement, the EP features three original tracks, plus a cover of an old Bob Marley tune.

“We started with a song called ‘Fate to Fatal,'” Deal said in a news release. “The Breeders were on tour all of last year, so we booked time at a place called the Fortress in London, England, and worked with a guy named Gareth Parton. At the beginning, Gareth and I were really snitty towards each other, which can turn out bad or good. And it turned out really good.

“The second song, ‘The Last Time,’ I wrote, but I recorded it in my basement — we have a guest vocalist on it, Mark Lanegan. The third song is a cover of a Bob Marley and the Wailers song, ‘Chances Are.’ Kelley and I recorded it live in Chicago at Steve Albini’s.

“And the last song, ‘Pinnacle Hollow,’ I did in my basement on a four-track — tape hiss and all.”

The band — currently Deal, her twin sister Kelley (guitar, vocals), Cheryl Lyndsey (guitar), Mando Lopez (bass) and Jose Medeles (drums) — plans on self-releasing the project.

“It seems that now, more than at any other time in the past, we could put the music out ourselves — hand-screen some cool artwork ourselves, sell the EPs at our shows and on our Web site, as well as get them to traditional record stores and other online outlets,” Deal said. “So we’re just going to press up a thousand 12-inch vinyls.”

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