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Expanded reissue of The Housemartins’ ‘London 0 Hull 4’ due out next month

The Housemartins, 'London 0 Hull 4'

One of those acts better known for its progeny — Fatboy Slim and The Beautiful South — than its own output, the self-professed “fourth-best band in Hull,” aka The Housemartins, will see its debut album reissued in an expanded edition next month.

Leading off with the hit UK single “Happy,” the deluxe, remastered edition of 1986’s London 0 Hull 4 will feature an expanded version of the 12-track album on one disc, and a second disc full of b-sides, covers, outtakes and live BBC sessions (full tracklist below).

The reissue is due out June 2 internationally.

It’s not yet clear whether the short-lived band’s only other album, 1987’s The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death, is due to receive similar treatment.

Following that album, the act — which specialized in wry, deceptively cheery indie-pop — split up, with lead singer Paul Heaton and drummer Dave Hemingway forming The Beautiful South, and bassist Norman Cook going on to launch Beats International before finding massive global success mining beats and samples under the name Fatboy Slim.

Tracklist: The Housemartins, London 0 Hull 4: Deluxe Edition

Disc One
1. “Happy Hour”
2. “Get Up Off Our Knees”
3. “Flag Day”
4. “Anxious”
5. “Reverends Revenge”
6. “Sitting On A Fence”
7. “Sheep”
8. “Over There”
9. “Think For A Minute”
10. “We’re Not Deep”
11. “Lean On Me”
12. “Freedom”
13. “Flag Day” (Single Version)
14. “Stand At Ease”
15. “You”
16. “Coal Train To Hatfield Main”

Disc Two
1. “I’ll Be Your Shelter (Just Like A Shelter)”
2. “People Get Ready” (B-Side)
3. “Drop Down Dead”
4. “The Mighty Ship”
5. “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” (Album Version)
6. “Think For A Minute” (Single Version)
7. “Who Needs The Limelight” (B-Side)
8. “I Smell Winter”
9. “Joy Joy Joy”
10. “Rap Around The Clock”
11. “Lean On Me” (Previously Unreleased – Out Take Rehearsal)
12. “Anxious” (BBC Janice Long – 6/11/85)
13. “We’re Not Deep” (BBC Janice Long 6/11/1985)
14. “Freedom” (BBC Janice Long – 6/11/1985)
15. “Think For A Minute” (BBC Saturday Live – 4/1/1986)
16. “Drop Down Dead” (BBC Saturday Live 4/1/1986)
17. “Happy Hour” (BBC John Peel – 6/4/1986)
18. “Get Up Off Our Knees” (BBC John Peel – 6/4/1986)

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