Bad Lieutenant's Bernard Sumner, shown here with New Order's final lineup

Bernard Sumner’s Bad Lieutenant — the new band featuring a Peter Hook-less New Order — this week announced it will release its debut album, Never Cry Another Tear, on Oct. 5.

The group includes a core lineup of Sumner, late-era New Order guitarist Phil Cunningham and singer-guitarist Jake Evans of UK act  Rambo and Leroy. New Order drummer Stephen Morris plays on the album, and also will tour with the band, but apparently isn’t a full member.

Previous reports indicated that Blur bassist Alex James would be involved as well, but that may be limited to studio work. According to the band’s MySpace page, James contributed to the album, but bassist Tom Chapman will fill out Bad Lieutenant’s live lineup.

“This album is very important to me,” Sumner writes on Bad Lieutenant’s MySpace. “We’ve worked hard on it and I’m proud of it. It’s also important because it gives people the chance to hear a gifted new singer and guitar player who I think’s really talented.”

Never Cry Another Tear will be be preceded by the act’s first single, “Sink or Swim,” which is scheduled for release Sept. 21, and was previewed by Sumner and Co. on the Sky Arts performance/interview program “Songbook” in March (see video below).

“There is some continuity to the music I’ve made in the past,” Sumner writes. “But this is very different — because different people are playing on it. This is just how I now want to make music — it feels right to me and I hope at least a few other people feel the same.”

Video: Bad Lieutenant, “Sink or Swim”



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