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Bauhaus, Pixies, The Fall up for ‘Omnibus’ reissues from new Beggars Archive imprint

Bauhaus: Peter Murphy, David J, Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins

Expanded box-set reissues of Bauhaus’ first two albums — In the Flat Field and Mask — will help inaugurate the new Beggars Archive series of back-catalog and archival releases from the venerable Beggars Banquet label.

In addition to those titles, Beggars plans to give the deluxe reissue treatment to the Pixies, The Fall, Gary Numan, The Charlatans and This Mortal Coil — in addition to the previously reported reissue of The Cult’s Love.

The multidisc, remastered  Omnibus Editions of Bauhaus’ first two LPs are due out Oct. 19. The In the Flat Field set features the 1980 debut restored to its original tracklist (non-album singles such as “Dark Entries” were added to the original 1988 CD release), plus a second disc featuring those singles and B-sides, as well as alternate takes and mixes.

Released in 1981, the sophomore effort Mask is expanded into a three-disc set, including the original album, a second disc of singles, B-sides and outtakes, and a third CD featuring a 17-song live show recorded in 1981 (which also will be released separately on wax by Vinyl 180).

Plus, fans who preorder both sets will receive …And Remains, a bonus disc featuring “alternative mixes/takes and live recordings that were superfluous to the two Omnibus Editions” (see full tracklists below).

As for other releases in the just-launched series, according to the Beggars Archive Web site, the following expanded reissues are in the works:

For more information, keep an eye on the Beggars Archive blog.

See full tracklists after the jump…

Bauhaus, 'In the Flat Field: Omnibus Edition'

Tracklist: Bauhaus, In the Flat Field: Omnibus Edition

Disc 1: In the Flat Field
1. “Double Dare”
2. “In The Flat Field”
3. “A God In An Alcove”
4. “Dive”
5. “Spy In The Cab”
6. “Small Talk Stinks”
7. “St. Vitus Dance”
8. “Stigmata Martyr”
9. “Nerves”

Disc 2: Singles & Outtakes
1. “Dark Entries” (single A side)
2. “A God In An Alcove” (original version)
3. “Untitled” (single B side)
4. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” (original version)*
5. “Telegram Sam” (original version)*
6. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” (single B side)
7. “Scopes” (single B side)
8. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” (Southern mix #2)*
9. “Crowds” (single B side)
10. “Dive” (alternate mix)*
11. “Spy In The Cab” (alternate mix)*
12. “Stigmata Martyr” (alternate mix)*
13. “Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores” (single B side)
14. “Double Dare” (alternate version/mix #4)*
15. “Telegram Sam” (alternate mix #1)*
16. “Untitled #2″*
* Previously unreleased

Bauhaus, 'Mask: Omnibus Edition'

Tracklist: Bauhaus, Mask: Omnibus Edition

Disc 1: Mask
1. “Hair Of The Dog”
2. “The Passion Of Lovers”
3. “Of Lilies And Remains”
4. “Dancing”
5. “Hollow Hills”
6. “Kick In The Eye”
7. “In Fear Of Fear”
8. “Muscle In Plastic”
9. “The Man With X-Ray Eyes”
10. “Mask”

Disc 2: Singles & Outtakes
1. “Kick In The Eye” (original single version A side)
2. “Satori” (single B side)
3. “In Fear Of Fear” (original version)*
4. “In Fear Of Dub”
5. “Muscle In Plastic” (rough mix version)*
6. “Dancing” (rough mix version)*
7. “Hair Of The Dog” (rough mix version)*
8. “Monkey (Poison Pen)” (rough mix version)*
9. “Ziggy Stardust” (rough demo version)*
10. “Earwax” (full unedited version)*
11. “1-2-3-4” (single B-side)
12. “Muscle In Plastic” (rejected album mix)*
13. “Hollow Hills” (rejected album mix)*
14 .”Hair Of The Dog” (rejected album mix)*
15. “Poison Pen”*
16. “Kick In The Eye” (single re-mix version)
17. “Dave and Danny’s Waspie Dub” (# 2)*
* Previously unreleased

Disc 3: This is for When: Live
1. “This Is For When…”
2. “The Passion Of Lovers”
3. “In The Flat Field”
4. “Silent Hedges”
5. “In Fear Of Fear”
6. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel”
7. “The Man With X-Ray Eyes”
8. “Dancing”
9. “Mask”
10. “Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores”
11. “Hair Of The Dog”
12. “Kick In The Eye”
13. “A God In An Alcove”
14. “Hollow Hills”
15. “Stigmata Martyr”
16. “Dark Entries”
17. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

Bauhaus, '...And Remains' bonus disc

Tracklist: Bauhaus, …And Remains

1. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (Tomb Raider Mix)
2. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” (Spaceward Studio 24 April 1980)
3. “Double Dare” (Southern Studio Mix #1)
4. “A God In An Alcove” (Live at University of London 31 October 1980)
5. “Poison Pen” (Live at University of London 31 October 1980)
6. “Hollow Hills” (Live at University of London 31 October 1980)
7. “Poem” (Live at Space Place, Chicago, 9 September 1980)



  1. Nice…

    Here’s hoping they find room for “16 Days/Gathering Dust” on the This Mortal Coil reissues.

  2. Hope that Beggars can see fit to do some Hi-Rez audio on DVD like Mute did with the Nick Cave remasters.

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