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C86 vets Close Lobsters to reissue singles on ‘Forever, Until Victory!’ compilation

Close Lobsters

Short-lived Scottish indie-pop outfit Close Lobsters — one of the 22 bands included on the NME’s genre-defining and now-legendary C86 compilation cassette — next week will release a compilation of singles and b-sides spanning 1986 to 1989.

Due out Oct. 5 in the UK, Forever, Until Victory! The Singles Collection — the album’s name is a play on a famous Che Guevara quote — collects 19 songs, many of which never have been released on CD before. Singer Andrew Burnett and guitarist Graeme Wilmington remastered and assembled the tracks last summer.

The disc collects all of the Lobsters’ jangly singles and EPs, and includes the band’s debut single “Going to Heaven to See if it Rains,” “Let’s Make Some Plans” (which The Wedding Present later covered) and “Firestation Towers,” the group’s inclusion on the C86 tape (although presumably the re-recorded version that appeared on the flip side of “Never Before Seen”), as well as a trio of cover tunes: The Only Ones’ “Wide Waterways,” Neil Young’s “Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)” and Leonard Cohen’s “Paper Thin Hotel.”

As for a reunion or new music from the Close Lobsters, that doesn’t appear to be in the cards, although Burnett is recording electronic music these days under the moniker CLS Kunstwerk. He recently told the Cloudberry Cake Proselytism blog that his former bandmates “mostly … are dedicated to their children and wives and alcohol. In that order,” and that “house music floats my boat these days.”

See full tracklist and the video for “Never Seen Before” after the jump…

Close Lobsters, 'Forever, Until Victory! The Singles Collection'

Tracklist: Close Lobsters, Forever, Until Victory! The Singles Collection

1. “Going To Heaven To See If It Rains”
2. “Never Seen Before”
3. “Lets Make Some Plans”
4. “What Is There To Smile About?”
5. “Loopholes”
6. “Nature Thing”
7. “Skyscrapers Of St. Mirin”
8. “In Spite Of These Times”
9. “From This Day On”
10. “Don’t Worry”
11. “Firestation Towers”
12. “Pimps”
13. “Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)”
14. “Paperthin Hotel”
15. “Wide Waterways”
16. “Boys And Girls”
17. “Pathetik Trivia”
18. “Get What They Deserve”
19. “Never Seen Before” (Live)

Video: Close Lobsters, “Never Seen Before” (1987)

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