Album News, Anniversary, Digital Music — October 10, 2009 at 10:25 am

Pixies selling live CDs, downloads, ‘USB bracelets’ of European ‘Doolittle’ concerts

Pixies, circa 2009

The Pixies are commemorating this fall’s Doolittle 20th anniversary tour by releasing limited-edition, professionally recorded live CDs, digital downloads and “USB bracelets” of its concerts this month in London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.

The recordings, which can be purchased and/or pre-ordered through Live Here Now, are selling for £10/$16 for 320 kpbs MP3s, £15/$24 for double-CD sets and £20/$32 for the USB wristbands (which also include five exclusive tour videos).

The recordings, however, likely will appeal most to fanatic completists or those who attended the actual concerts, since the setlists largely are the same: four “Here Comes Your Man” and “Monkey Gone to Heaven” b-sides, followed by the entire Doolittle album, then two more b-sides followed by a few choice classics in the final encore (such as “Gigantic,” “Broken Face,” “U-Mass” or “Where is My Mind?”).

No word yet on whether the band will sell similar live product for the tour’s upcoming U.S. and New Zealand/Australia legs. More details on the live albums are available here, and you can see the full list of Doolittle tour dates here.


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