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Morrissey collapses on stage during U.K. concert, hospitalized in stable condition

Morrissey, collapsing on stage in Swindon, England

Morrissey collapsed on stage one song into his concert tonight in Swindon, England — the second date of his fall European tour — and was rushed to a local hospital where he remains in stable condition, according to U.K. media reports.

The 50-year-old singer — who has been canceling concerts all year due to illness — took the stage at the Oasis Leisure Centre around 9 p.m., told the approximately 1,000 fans in attendance “Good evening… probably,” and then launched into The Smiths’ “This Charming Man” (See video of that performance below.)

According to, Morrissey “appeared to be straining to perform the song, wincing as he did so.” (See photos here, including the one posted above, of the collapse from

The report continues:

“Just as he came to the end of the song his knees sagged and he slumped to the stage. Two band members rushed to his side and dragged off stage, he was immediately followed by his backing band and singers and the stage lights went up, to cat calls and whistles from the audience.”

After more than half an hour, a stagehand told the crowd, “Morrissey has left the building,” and advised fans to hold onto their tickets in case the concert is rescheduled. The announcer reportedly told the crowd, “He is seriously ill.”

Concertgoer Mark Taylor told that after the announcement was made that the show would not go on, “Everybody started booing, thinking ‘here we go again.’ He has a bit of a poor track record for canceling his concerts.”

Morrissey was taken by ambulance to Great Western Hospital. The singer’s management has posted this on his official Web site: “Morrissey is in stable condition after his collapse in Swindon Saturday night. Thanks go out to all his well wishers, more information will be posted as soon as it is available.”

Read more and see video of Morrissey performing before his collapse after the jump…

According to the Telegraph, the ambulance service reports it was dispatched to the concert venue after receiving “a call to a 50-year-old man who was reported to be suffering from respiratory problems and was unconscious.” When emergency crews arrived, “they found a conscious patient who was not feeling well at all.” A spokesman for the hospital told the Telegraph: “Morrissey has been admitted to the Great Western Hospital. He is being reviewed by the medical staff and his condition is stable.”

News of Moz’s collapse was all over Twitter, with some fans, such as @Audiojoe, offering first-hand accounts such as, “Can’t believe some of the ghouls who were booing and shouting ‘wanker.’ Makes you sick. Moz, your true fans love you.”

The incident comes after a troublesome year for Morrissey, who canceled or postponed dates for vague health reasons repeatedly on his Tour of Refusal, to the consternation of fans in the U.K. France, Italy and the U.S. He even fell during his set at the Coachella festival, claiming he was nauseated by the smell of barbecuing meat nearby.

Moz is set to release a new B-sides album, Swords, on Monday in the U.K. (and Nov. 3 in the U.S.), and was scheduled to perform throughout the U.K. and Europe in October and November, with a short run of U.S. dates set for November and December.

UPDATE 10/25/09: Morrissey released from hospital

AUDIO: BBC interviews fan who saw Morrissey’s collapse

VIDEO: Morrissey performing “This Charming Man” prior to collapse, 10/24/09

VIDEO: SkyNews story on Morrissey’s collapse, 10/24/09


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