New Releases — November 9, 2009 at 12:52 am

New releases: Pixies’ ‘Minotaur’ box, Robyn Hitchcock live CD, Wall of Voodoo reissue

Record Rack: A round-up of the week’s new albums, reissues and/or box sets.

Photo of Pixies' 'Minotaur' limited-edition box setARTIST: Pixies
RELEASE: Minotaur
BACKSTORY: Featuring newly created artwork, this, er, gigantic — and quite pricey — box set features all five of the band’s albums on CD, DVD and Blu-ray, plus a previously unreleased 1991 concert on both Blu-ray and DVD. The limited-edition version also features all five albums on vinyl.
BUY IT: Minotaur: Deluxe Edition via, Minotaur: Limited Edition via

Robyn Hitchcock, 'I Often Dream of Trains in New York'ARTIST: Robyn Hitchcock
RELEASE: I Often Dream of Trains in New York
BACKSTORY: This package includes the John Ediginton-directed concert film that aired over the summer on the Sundance Channel on DVD, as well as an accompanying 19-track audio CD. Recorded in New York last year, Hitchcock didn’t actually play all of I Often Dream of Trains — although he does touch on most of it, just out of sequence.
BUY IT: I Often Dream of Trains in New York via

Wall of Voodoo, 'Dark Continent'/'Call of the West'ARTIST: Wall of Voodoo
RELEASE: Dark Continent/Call of the West
BACKSTORY: Raven Records reissues the first two albums from the Stan Ridgway-led act: 1981’s long-out-of-print debut Dark Continent and the 1982 follow-up Call of the West, which featured the New Wave hit “Mexican Radio.” Sadly, there are no bonus tracks, not even “Exercise,” which was included on the cassette version of Call of the West.
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See more new releases from The Tubes, Gary Myrick and The Raincoats after the jump…

The Tubes, 'Mondo Birthmark'ARTIST: The Tubes
RELEASE: Mondo Birthmark
BACKSTORY: The decade-spanning rock/New Wave act unearths some of its earliest demos for this 16-track collection spotlighting the band’s formative era in San Francisco in the early 1970s. The disc includes raw, rough-and-tumble early takes on such favorites as “White Punks on Dope,” “Mondo Bondage” and “Hoy Boy.”
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Gary Myrick, 'Gary Myrick & The Figures'ARTIST: Gary Myrick
RELEASES: Gary Myrick & The Figures, Living in a Movie, Language
BACKSTORY: Still best known for his near-hit “She Talks in Stereo,” the Texas-bred musician who straddled New Wave and pop-rock sees his first three releases — spanning 1980 to 1983 — released on CD for the first time, with bonus tracks.
BUY IT: Gary Myrick & The Figures via, Living in a Movie via, Language via

The Raincoats, 'The Raincoats'ARTIST: The Raincoats
RELEASE: The Raincoats
BACKSTORY: Kill Rock Stars reissued the post-punk combo’s 1978 self-titled debut on vinyl in the U.S., but it’s also coming out on CD for the first time since the early ’90s this week in the U.K. Like the just-issued record, the new CD edition features a single bonus track: “Fairytale in the Supermarket,” the band’s debut single.
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  1. I’m glad they are finally reissuing Dark Continent on CD. For some reason that and Call of the West were butchered when they came to iTunes and other digital outlets.

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