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Galaxie 500 reissuing ‘Today,’ ‘On Fire,’ ‘This Is Our Music’ as 2CD sets, and on vinyl

Galaxie 500

Beloved dream-pop act Galaxie 500’s three studio albums — 1988’s Today, 1989’s On Fire and 1990’s This Is Our Music — will be reissued next spring in expanded 2CD sets and on heavyweight vinyl by Domino Records outside of North America, the label announced this week.

Due out March 22, each double-CD set will include, as a bonus disc, one of the three collections released following the band’s 1991 break-up: Today will be accompanied by Uncollected, a 14-track compilation originally included in the band’s 1996 box set before being issued separately in 2004; On Fire will include Peel Sessions, the group’s 2005 collection of BBC radio recordings; and This Is Our Music will feature Copenhagen, the 2007 live album that captured the trio’s last-ever European concert on Dec. 1, 1990.

In the U.S. and Canada, 20-20-20 — the label run by Galaxie 500’s rhythm section, Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang — will release the three albums concurrently on CD in “mini LP” sleeves without the second discs; those bonus albums will be released for download through the band’s online store. The band already reissued the three albums on vinyl in North America last summer.

See full tracklists for the Galaxie 500 reissues after the jump…

Galaxie 500, 'Today'

Tracklist: Galaxie 500, Today + Uncollected

Disc 1: Today
1. “Flowers”
2. “Pictures”
3. “Parking Lot”
4. “Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste”
5. “Temperature’s Rising”
6. “Oblivious”
7. “It’s Getting Late”
8. “Instrumental”
9. “Tugboat”
10. “King Of Spain” (bonus track)

Disc 2: Uncollected
1. “Cheese and Onions” (The Rutles)
2. “Them”
3. “Final Day” (Young Marble Giants)
4. “Blue Thunder” (w/ sax)
5. “Maracas Song”
6. “Crazy”
7. “Jerome”
8. “Song in 3”
9. “Oblivious”
10. “I Can’t Believe It’s Me”
11. “Walking Song”
12. “The Other Side”
13. “On the Floor”
14. “Rain”/”Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste” (The Beatles/Jonathan Richman)

Galaxie 500, 'On Fire'

Tracklist: Galaxie 500, On Fire + Peel Sessions

Disc 1: On Fire
1. “Blue Thunder”
2. “Tell Me”
3. “Snowstorm”
4. “Strange”
5. “When Will You Come Home”
6. “Decomposing Trees”
7. “Another Day”
8. “Leave The Planet”
9. “Plastic Bird”
10. “Isn’t It A Pity”
11. “Victory Garden” (bonus track)
12. “Ceremony” (bonus track)
13. “Cold Night” (bonus track)
14. “When Will You Come Home” (video)

Disc 2: Peel Sessions
1. “Submission” (Sex Pistols)
2. “Final Day” (Young Marble Giants)
3. “When Will You Come Home”
4. “Moonshot” (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
5. “Flowers”
6. “Blue Thunder”
7. “Decomposing Trees”
8. “Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste” (Jonathan Richman)

Galaxie 500, 'This Is Our Music'

Tracklist: Galaxie 500, This Is Our Music + Copenhagen

Disc 1: This Is Our Music
1. “Fourth Of July”
2. “Hearing Voices”
3. “Spook”
4. “Summertime”
5. “Way Up High”
6. “Listen, The Snow Is Falling”
7. “Sorry”
8. “Melt Away”
9. “King Of Spain, Part Two”
10. “Here She Comes Now” (bonus track)

Disc 2: Copenhagen
1. “Decomposing Trees”
2. “Fourth of July”
3. “Summertime”
4. “Sorry”
5. “When Will You Come Home”
6. “Spook”
7. “Listen, the Snow Is Falling” (Yoko Ono)
8. “Here She Comes Now” (The Velvet Underground)
9. “Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste” (Jonathan Richman)


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