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Beggars releasing rare Bauhaus, Gary Numan + Tubeway Army bonus discs individually


Three rare Bauhaus and Gary Numan + Tubeway Army compilation CDs that were previously available only as bonus discs included in recent reissue packages will be available for individual purchase through Beggars Archive beginning in January for a limited time.

Starting Jan. 4, the archival arm of Beggars Banquet will sell Bauhaus’ Live in the Studio 1979 and …And Remains, along with Gary Numan + Tubeway Army’s Replicas: Mixes + Versions. The CDs will only be available through the Beggars Archive site, and will be sold until quantities run out. (See full tracklists below.)

The Bauhaus …And Remains disc originally was a bonus for customers who bought both the In the Flat Field and Mask “Omnibus” reissues from Beggars this past fall; it features seven “alternative mixes/takes and live recordings that were superfluous to the two Omnibus Editions,”  including versions of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and “Terror Couple Kill Colonel.”

The other Bauhaus disc, Live in the Studio 1979, is far more rare: It’s the out-of-print companion disc included with the 1997 hardback book “Bauhaus: Beneath the Mask,” an official history of the band. The CD features eight songs performed live in the studio in mid-1979, six months before the release of the band ‘s debut single, “Dark Entries.”

Finally, the Numan disc originally was a bonus disc for fans who ordered 2008’s Replicas Redux — the expanded reissue of Numan’s second and final album with Tubeway Army — from the singer’s website. The six-track CD features two Renegade Soundwave mixes of “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” and four early versions of Replica tracks.

See tracklists for all three discs after the jump…

Bauhaus, 'Live in the Studio 1979'

Tracklist: Bauhaus, Live in the Studio 1979

1. “In the Night”
2. “A God in an Alcove”
3. “Dark Entries”
4. “Telegram Sam”
5. “Nerves”
6. “Honeymoon Croon”
7. “Kamikazi Dive”
8. “Shows (Fragment)”

Bauhaus, '...And Remains'

Tracklist: Bauhaus, …And Remains

1. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (Tomb Raider Mix)
2. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” (Spaceward Studio 24 April 1980)
3. “Double Dare” (Southern Studio Mix #1)
4. “A God In An Alcove” (Live at University of London 31 October 1980)
5. “Poison Pen” (Live at University of London 31 October 1980)
6. “Hollow Hills” (Live at University of London 31 October 1980)
7. “Poem” (Live at Space Place, Chicago, 9 September 1980)

Gary Numan + Tubeway Army, 'Replicas: Mixes + Versions'

Tracklist: Gary Numan + Tubeway Army, Replicas: Mixes + Versions

1. “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” (Renegade Soundwave remix)
2. “Replicas” (Early Version 2)
3. “Down In The Park” (Early Version 2)
4. “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” (Early Version 2)
5. “Replicas” (Early Version 3)
6. “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” (Renegade Soundwave Instrumental)


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