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Sonic Youth reissuing ‘Confusion is Sex,’ ‘Bad Moon Rising,’ ‘EVOL,’ ‘Sister’ on vinyl

Sonic Youth, circa 1988

Sonic Youth will reissue four of the band’s classic early albums — Confusion is Sex (1983), Bad Moon Rising (1985), EVOL (1986) and Sister (1987) — on 180-gram, audiophile-quality vinyl this winter as part of Original Recordings Group’s new “Official and Definitive Sonic Youth Vinyl Series.”

Originally released on the indie Neutral, Homestead and SST labels, the new reissues are being mastered by Bernie Grundman and pressed at RTI, and also will be available in limited-edition colored vinyl pressings. Original Recordings has not announced exact release dates other than to say they’ll ship in “winter 2010.”

News of the vinyl reissues was met with a bit of grumbling on SY’s Facebook page tonight, as some fans noted that the tracklists for Bad Moon Rising, EVOL and Sister include the bonus tracks added to those albums’ respective CD releases rather than replicating the original vinyl editions — while others wondered whether EVOL will still end in a locked groove. As one commenter put it, “I can’t imagine listening to EVOL on vinyl and have ‘Expressway’ go into ‘Bubblegum.’ It’s practically a sin.”

For more information on the reissues, visit ORG’s website.

See tracklists for Sonic Youth’s vinyl reissues after the jump…

Sonic Youth, 'Confusion is Sex'

Tracklist: Sonic Youth, Confusion is Sex vinyl reissue

Side 1
1. “(She’s in a) Bad Mood”
2. “Protect Me You”
3. “Freezer Burn/I Wanna Be Your Dog”
4. “Shaking Hell”

Side 2
1. “In Human”
2. “The World Looks Red”
3. “Confusion Is Next”
4. “Making the Nature Scene”
5. “Lee Is Free”

Sonic Youth, 'Bad Moon Rising'

Tracklist: Sonic Youth, Bad Moon Rising vinyl reissue

Side 1
1. “Intro”
2. “Brave Men Run (In My Family)”
3. “Society is a Hole”
4. “I Love Her All the Time”
5. “Ghost Bitch”
6. “I’m Insane”

Side 2
1. “Justice is Might”
2. “Death Valley ’69”
3. “Satan is Boring”
4. “Flower”
5. “Halloween”
6. “Echo Canyon”

Sonic Youth, 'EVOL'

Tracklist: Sonic Youth, EVOL vinyl reissue

Side 1
1. “Tom Violence”
2. “Shadow of a Doubt”
3. “Star Power”
4. “In the Kingdom #19”
5. “Green Light”

Side 2
1. “Death to Our Friends”
2. “Secret Girl”
3. “Marilyn Moore”
4. “Expressway to Yr. Skull”
5. “Bubblegum”

Sonic Youth, 'Sister'

Tracklist: Sonic Youth, Sister vinyl reissue

Side 1
1. “Schizophrenia”
2. “(I Got A) Catholic Block”
3. “Beauty Lies in the Eye”
4. “Stereo Sanctity”
5. “Pipeline/Kill Time”
6. “Tuff Gnarl”

Side 2
1. “Pacific Coast Highway”
2. “Hot Wire My Heart”
3. “Cotton Crown”
4. “White Cross”
5. “Master-Dik”


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