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Vintage Video: Watch The Cure’s Robert Smith guest host MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’ in 1990

This latest installment of Vintage Video again comes from our old stash of VHS tapes: It’s the entire Dec. 23, 1990, episode of MTV’s “120 Minutes,” hosted by Robert Smith, who offers a retrospective of The Cure’s videos to promote the release of the band’s post-Disintegration remix disc Mixed Up.

We’ve seen parts of Smith’s interviews from this episode on YouTube, but not the whole show, which is presented in the playlist above, or can be watched in 11 separate clips on Slicing Up Video. For the most part, the commercials have been snipped out, although we’ve left some vintage MTV promos — including the long-forgotten “Grudge Hanson: Poet of Fortune” by the guy who played Randee of the Redwoods. Plus the whole thing’s bookended by brief appearances from Dave Kendall.

UPDATE 3/5/09: YouTube stripped the audio out of parts 1 and 2 of 11 as soon as these were posted, so I’ve re-edited those two segments to remove full music videos and clips, and just keep the interview bits. Parts 3-11 remain as originally posted, with videos, etc. (although those segments may be blocked in some countries).


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  1. mofo’s at youtube fucked up the whole experience.

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