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Elvis Costello to release ‘Live at Winterland, San Francisco,’ recorded in 1978, in Japan

Elvis Costello, circa 1979

Rocker Elvis Costello is poised to tap his 1978 U.S. tour for a second live album in six months, at least in Japan, where the 16-track Live at Winterland, San Francisco — recorded only three days after the just-released Live at Hollywood High — is slated for exclusive release this summer.

Online retailer lists Live at Winterland as an “exclusive limited edition” Japanese SHM-CD (that’s a “super high material CD, playable on regular CD players) release on Universal that features “soundboard-level audio quality” and will be packaged in a mini LP-style card sleeve. The album is scheduled for release June 23.

Recorded with The Attractions on June 7, 1978, the disc isn’t being promoted as part of the musician’s The Costello Show live series, which has seen the release so far of Live at the El Mocambo and the aforementioned Live at Hollywood High. As The Second Disc blog notes, “Will it end up part of the series in America? Doubtful, since the show was recorded only a few days after Live at Hollywood High — but you never know.”

Check out the full Winterland concert right now at Wolfgang’s Vault.

See full tracklist for ‘Live at Winterland, San Francisco’ after the jump…

Tracklist: Elvis Costello, Live at Winterland, San Francisco

1. “Mystery Dance”
2. “Lip Service”
3. “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes”
4. “Goon Squad”
5. “Less than Zero”
6. “Blame It On Cain”
7. “The Beat”
8. “This Year’s Girl”
9. “(I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea”
10. “Pump It Up”
11. “Radio, Radio”
12. “Lipstick Vogue”
13. “Watching the Detectives”
14. “Party Girl”
15. “You Belong to Me”
16. “I’m Not Angry”


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