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The Mission UK releasing ‘Dum Dum Bullet’ comp with new songs, rare B-sides, remix

The Mission UK, circa 2007

Despite having split in 2008, The Mission UK returns this summer with a new compilation of rare B-sides, previously unreleased demos, new songs left over from the God Is a Bullet sessions and a brand-new dance remix of album cut “Dumb” by late-period guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite.

Due out June 25 in Europe, the 14-track Dum Dum Bullet — its name perhaps a nod to frontman Wayne Hussey’s tenure with The Sisters of Mercy — features six songs originally released as extra tracks on the Keep It in the Family EP and “Blush” digital single, both released in 2007 off that year’s God Is a Bullet, the Mission’s final studio album, according to a tracklist Thwaite posted on the band’s message board today.

More intriguing to fans are seven tracks identified as new songs or Hussey demos (see full tracklist below) written during the God Is a Bullet sessions. The comp wraps up with Thwaite’s new seven-and-a-half-minute remix of God Is a Bullet’s “Dumb.” Thwaite writes that he “decontructed the studio version and recreated a dancefloor monster with new sounds, loops and additional guitars.”

Hussey, in statement posted by Side-Line Music Magazine, says of Dum Dum Bullet:

“The band were enjoying a very creative and productive period and obviously had a lot of surplus material left over which I have recently found the time and inclination to complete. Some of these tracks made it to single B-sides and extra tracks etc, but only three of which having previously made it onto limited edition CD release. A couple of tracks here are, in fact, just Wayne Hussey demos, and a couple more tracks would be stretching the truth a little to actually call them Mission tracks as there is no one else performing on them apart from yours truly. But that’s not the first time that that has happened.”

As for Hussey, the frontman currently is playing a few rescheduled European shows in support of last year’s solo debut Bare, an album that includes re-recorded Mission songs and covers of U2, The Cure and The Beach Boys, plus one new song.

See full tracklist for The Mission’s ‘Dum Dum Bullet’ after the jump…

The Mission UK, 'Dum Dum Bullet'

Tracklist: The Mission UK, Dum Dum Bullet

1. “It Don’t Matter Anymore Anyhow” (previously released on “Keep it in the Family” EP)
2. “Refugee” (previously released on “Keep it in the Family” EP)
3. “Room 22” (new song)
4. “Chelsea Blue” (previously available digitally on “Blush” single)
5. “Acoustic Blush” (previously available digitally on “Blush” single)
6. “Thine” (previously available digitally on “Blush” single)
7. “So Many Things” (new song)
8. “Still Deep Waters” (instrumental, previously unreleased)
9. “Katya’s Lullaby” (new song, Wayne Hussey demo)
10. “Aquarius & Gemini” (a capella, previously unreleased)
11. “The Earth You Walk Upon” (new song)
12. “Stranger In A Foreign Land” (new song, Wayne Hussey demo)
13. “Blush Remodel” (previously available digitally on “Blush” single)
14. “Dumb” (Dambusters 617 Squadron mix by Mark Gemini Thwaite, previously unreleased)



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  2. August 2009

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