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Pre-order The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ reissue from Rhino, receive free ‘3x3x3’ promo CD

The Cure, 'Disintegration'

Just got a note from the folks at Rhino Records: Next month’s deluxe 3CD reissue of The Cure’s 1989 classic Disintegration is now available for pre-order from — and the first 500 people to order will receive a free nine-track promo sampler that’ll be mailed out before the reissue’s June 8 release date.

The sampler, dubbed 3x3x3, features three tracks from each of the deluxe edition’s three discs (see the promo’s full tracklist below), including the previously unreleased outtake “Delirious Night.” You can pre-order the 3CD set now from Rhino at $32.99 (and hear samples of every single track) — and the 2LP, 180-gram vinyl edition’s also available for pre-order here ( priced at $24.98).

See tracklist for The Cure’s ‘3x3x3’ sampler after the jump…

Tracklist: The Cure, 3x3x3 promo (pre-order here)

From CD2 ‘Rarities (1988-1989)’
1. “Prayers For Rain” (RS Home Instrumental Demo 4/88)*
2. “The Same Deep Water As You” (Band Instrumental Demo 9/88)*
3. “Delirous Night” (Rough Mix 12/88)*

From CD1 ‘Disintegration’
4. “Pictures of You”
5. “Closedown”
6. “Lovesong”

From CD3 ‘Entreat Plus’
7. “Lullaby” (Live)*
8. “Fascination Street” (Live)
9. “Disintegration” (Live)

*Previously unreleased



  1. Alex The Cure Fan UK

    Boo! USA only :( It will just cost too much to buys this, sadly.

  2. Interesting that they are pressing the vinyl as a 2 LP set. They were able to fit the record on one LP when it was originally released. In fact, I think I still have my picture disc.

  3. The original ‘Disintegration’ was just a single LP because it doesn’t feature “Last Dance” and “Homesick.” Those two tracks are technically considered “bonus” tracks on the CD and cassette editions of the original release.

  4. Kent Butabi

    Too bad Robert and the band did not do a 4Play iTunes exclusive for THotD/Top/KissMe3/Disintegration. I would love to hear him continue that little side project, and I suspect that the fans would clamor for that kind of a bonus!

  5. Jeff Locher

    Why do you keep including those horrible “demo’s” on these Cure releases? Why not give the fans what we REALLY want w/this release: Disintegration, “MIxed Up”(remastered-after all, it is OOP), and on the 3rd disc: videos/bonus mixes from Disintegration? Some of the 12” mixes weren’t inculded on “Mixed Up”, so why not include those here?

    I hate those crappy “demo’s”. My all time favorite Cure disc, and you had to go and ruin it? I’ll save my $$$.

  6. Kent Butabi

    Hey, Jeff — Mixed Up is going to be remasterd/expanded and released. Robert has confirmed this, and also the SHOW/PARIS discs too!

  7. Jeff – First of all, Mixed Up is not out of print. It may be difficult to find at your local record store or Wal-Mart, but you can always order it online if need be. Second of all, the diehard fans that this band has want the demos whether you do or not.

    The release you proposed doesn’t make any sense, combining Disintegration with Mixed Up? They are two separate releases and should remain that way. The bonus mixes have already been released and therefore are of no value to the diehard fans as I mentioned already.

  8. Jeff Locher

    Tim, I am a “die hard fan”. I have loved the Cure’s music for almost 30 years now. Truth be told, “Mixed Up” has EVERYTHING to do with Disintegration, as ALL of it’s tracks, are from DIs. It would make perfect sense, from a fans perspective, to re-release: Disintegration, then disc #2: Mixed Up(remastered) w/bonus mixes not included before, and for the 3rd disc? the videos from that release?

    The Malaysian “Greatest Hits” cd included a ton of extra stuff, not found on the US release(I know…been looking for it for 3 years now). IMO, (and take it FWIW) the “demo’s” so far, on all the release’s have sounded shoddy. Some fade in and out, and are mastered poorly.

    I dont “get” why overseas folks get everything, and the US folks suffer? A 3 disc, like I mentioned would go over MUCH better, IMO, than the current release.

    But hey, what do I know? I’ve only been a fan for over 28+ years, and buy all the Cure stuff when it comes out. I dont recall asking for the “demo’s”.

    Just sayin.

  9. Jeff Locher

    P.S. They make PERFECT sense, as Mixed Up’s tracklist, was taken from Disintegration? So, remastering/re-releasing it, as a “bonus disc” on Disintegration, would make PERFECT sense, from a fans point of view. Plus, releasing all of the 12″ extendeds, found on all the singles from DIS’s release, would be awesomt o have as well? That way, we don’t have to keep digging through cd bins to find them(and they wont be high priced when we do).

    A 3 disc, exactly how I mentioned, is the best way to re-release all the discs, and(best part) saves $$$$ from having a seperate “Mixed Up” release down the road? as you’ve now done all the work, you’ve needed to already, and you don’t need to go back and do it again?

  10. Only 3 out of 11 tracks on “Mixed Up” are taken from Disintigration. That idea makes no sense at all.

  11. It seems to me that diehard fans such as yourself would be interested in never-before released demos that demonstrate the progress of the music as it was created, instead of simply reissuing 12″ mixes that are arguably inferior to the originals. I don’t mean to be rude to you, but I honestly feel that more people would prefer to have these demos instead of previously released material that can be found online if nowhere else. Your idea of a third disc for the reissue would also comprise material that has already been released on the Greatest Hits DVD. The fact that you would prefer to have material that has already been released over new songs is beyond my comprehension, but perhaps this is just a difference of opinion.

  12. Jeff Locher

    Tim-Those demos are of poor quality, on ALL the Cure’s releases so far. They fade in and out, some you can tell the levels are off/etc. Why would a “die hard fan” spend his/her $$$ on something like that? You woul;dn’t be too happy if those quality on the cd’s you bought were compressed to hell, and sounded horribly bad? So, why would you expect someone else to do this?

    Please dont be like Cherry Red, they’re notorious for piss poor quality remasters, as of late. I’d hate to see/hear of this happening w/such a wonderful group.

    Some of the 12″ releases on the singles/maxi’s from DIS, are extremely hard to come by. Why not put some of those on that 3rd disc? maybe some more videos? or the band making the cd? Then again, you could always jazz up the already released 12″ mixes, and make them longer, or something?

    Just, please: make sure the audio quality on ALL the discs is up to par? no more compression problems, or shoddy levels.

  13. Jeff Locher

    How about stuff like this on a future Cure “bonus disc”?

    primary 12″ mix
    the love cats 12″ mix
    just one kiss 12″ mix
    let’s go to bed 12″ mix
    the walk – couple of mixes that are pretty cool, but i don’t believe there was a “real” one if my memory serves correct. i think the 12″ just had the same mix as the 7″.
    a japanese dream 12″ mix
    boys don’t cry 12″ mix
    in between days 12″ mix
    close to you 12″ mix

  14. Mixed Up was crap IMO. It derailed the Cure into pop bullshit. I did like “Never Enough” ok, but the album in general just pissed me off at the time. That was the end of the Cure for me in a lot of ways. Wish was good, except for the singles. I lost faith (No pun intended) when Mixed up came out. Of course I STILL love them or I wouldn’t be leaving a reply here.

  15. I’m with Tim… I like to hear how an idea for a Cure song evolves throughout the process. I expect lesser quality because most songs are documented early on in someone’s house or garage with minimal production quality. Due to the cost of high end studio time, material is fleshed out as thoroughly as possible before hand. Anyone who makes music knows this. The reissues are a time capsule, so to speak, of the making of the album and some of the other creative output at the time (i.e. live shows and one offs). I love the concept and am satisfied with how Robert Smith has put them together… I wish I could personally thank him for making sure it happened. For those of you who make demands on an artists output… you’re an idiot. An artist owes us NOTHING. Be gracious for an artists contribution to the enhancement of our lives and be done with it… Go buy the music!!!

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