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’30 Years Live’: Bad Religion giving away free live album recorded during spring tour

Bad Religion, '30 Years Live'

As promised, Los Angeles punk legends Bad Religion this week have released a free downloadable live album — the 17-track 30 Years Live — for fans who sign up for the band’s mailing list. The collection, recorded during Bad Religion’s spring West Coast tour, includes tracks such as “Germs of Perfection,” “Suffer” and “Social Suicide,” plus two new songss (“Won’t Somebody” and “Resist Stance”) that will be on the group’s next album, due this fall. To get the free album, sign up for the band’s e-mail list here.

See tracklist for Bad Religion’s ’30 Years Live’ after the jump…

Tracklist: Bad Religion, 30 Years Live

1. “Fuck Armageddon, This is Hell”
2. “Dearly Beloved”
3. “Suffer”
4. “Man With A Mission”
5. “New Dark Ages”
6. “Germs of Perfection”
7. “Marked”
8. “A Walk”
9. “Flat Earth Society”
10. “Resist Stance”
11. “American Jesus”
12. “Social Suicide”
13. “Atheist Peace”
14. “Tomorrow”
15. “Won’t Somebody”
16. “Los Angeles Is Burning”
17. “We’re Only Gonna Die”


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