Digital Music — May 25, 2010 at 10:47 pm

Download: The Cure plays ‘Disintegration’ live at the Dallas Starplex on 1989’s Prayer Tour

The Cure, 'Live in Dallas'

As promised, Robert Smith has started streaming The Cure’s live performance of Disintegration — recorded in Dallas in 1989 — on the band’s website. In addition to the 20-track Alternative Rarities 1988-1989 posted last week, that makes two additional discs’ worth of unreleased material to supplement the 3CD expanded edition of Disintegration. Plus, once again, our friends at Chain of Flowers have a link to download the live album.

In related news, there’s still a few days left to enter our contest to win a Disintegration prize pack from Rhino Records; enter here. And, according to our contact at Rhino, “the promo-only sampler disc we’re giving away with pre-orders are almost out, so if you want one, better grab it now.” You can still pre-order the set here.



  1. This is amazing. The 3 disc reissue is now 5, thanks to Robert.

  2. I was at this show. Nice to hear it. However, I do wish that the whole show had been made available. They did a mash up of Why Can’t I be You and Young at Heart that I would love to hear again.

  3. Hey Geff, I was there too! I have the whole show on tape. It’s very bad quality, but hey it’s the entire show. Obviously they recorded this show, so why not give us the entire thing????

    I can Wish (no pun intended)

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