The Cure, circa 1987

The deeply mournful “Same Deep Water As You” — the centerpiece of the new Disintegration: Deluxe Edition — is not just Slicing Up Eyeballs readers’ favorite song off that classic 1989 album, it’s their No. 1 all-time song by The Cure, according to our informal poll that wraps up Disintegration Week.

A few weeks ago, we held a Disintegration contest in which we asked entrants to name their favorite Cure song. This list of the 98 different songs that were named, much like this week’s Top 10 singles and B-sides countdowns, was compiled from that admittedly unscientific poll, and ranked in order — although we used editorial judgment to break ties, a problem most significant with the single-vote entries at the bottom of the list.

As you’ll see below, the Top 10 is pretty Disintegration-heavy, with half of the selections coming from the newly reissued album. Overall, though, the list is fairly diverse, with entries from every studio album except 2004’s The Cure (although that era is represented by a B-side). There also are a number of non-album singles, B-sides and other rarities, including “Carnage Visors,” the instrumental on the B-side of the original Faith cassette.

As always, feel free to leave a comment at the end agreeing with, disagreeing with or simply eviscerating the list — or leave your own Top 10. And, finally, a special thanks to everybody who entered the contest and shared their thoughts about The Cure — it’s been great fun reading the comments and compiling these lists.

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See the Cure’s Top 98 songs after the jump…

The Cure, 'Disintegration'1. “The Same Deep Water As You”

Album: Disintegration
Release date: May 1, 1989
Sample comment: “The very first time I heard it I was captured by the unique and achingly sad sound of it. The true meaning behind the lyrics are up for personal speculation, which makes it even more mysterious… One of the most emotional songs I have ever heard.” (Nick B.)

The Cure, 'Seventeen Seconds'2. “A Forest”

Album: Seventeen Seconds
Release date: April 18, 1980
Sample comment: “It just changed my life when I first listened to it and saw the video. It was this special moment in one’s lifetime, when everything seems to momentary stand still in time and space, you watch everything in slow motion and you KNOW something is different now in yourself…” (Johnnakis)

The Cure, 'Disintegration'3. “Disintegration”

Album: Disintegration
Release date: May 1, 1989
Sample comment: “The track is a whirlwind of sound that keeps driving forward, and it makes use of the band at their biggest and best. There’s so much emotion in Robert’s lyrics and his performance. It really does distill the band into one song.” (50 Pound Note)

The Cure, 'Disintegration'4. “Plainsong”

Album: Disintegration
Release date: May 1, 1989
Sample comment: “On a whim I bought Disintegration at my local record shop. I popped the tape in, laid on my bed, and once those twinkling wind chimes stopped and that opening flood of keys, drums and bass shot through my speakers, I knew my life was going to be very much changed…” (Peter C.)

The Cure, 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me'5. “Just Like Heaven”

Album: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
Release date: May 27, 1987
Sample comments: “I love the way it starts (first drums, then bass, etc.), and every time I hear it, I found out something new on its music…” (Spyka), and “The complete Cureness of beautiful melodies, catchy poppy stuff and utter despair squeezed into three-and-a-half minutes.” (Larz)

The Cure, 'Disintegration'6. “Pictures of You”

Album: Disintegration
Release date: May 1, 1989
Sample comment: “The line, ‘There was nothing in the world that I ever wanted more, than to feel you deep in my heart’ says it all and that hits me hard. I think it’s a perfect song. I also prefer the album version which is much longer. Just beautiful.” (Debi)

The Cure, 'Pornography'7. “One Hundred Years”

Album: Pornography
Release date: May 3, 1982
Sample comment: “It was the first to break me away from the group as a pop band. Like most kids born post-’80s, you pick up their songs here and there as you grow up, but seldom are you exposed to their dark masterpieces. This is the track that really made me a fan.” (Casey Jacobs)

The Cure, 'Disintegration'8. “Fascination Street”

Album: Disintegration
Release date: May 1, 1989
Sample comments: “The combination of the rhythm, thundering bass, atmospherics, great lyrics and terrific vocal… just a killer tune.” (Chris G.), and “So dark, so growly, so passionate.” (Kirk), and “I like the fact that Simon Gallup only plays one string on the entire song!” (C.E. Powell)

The Cure, 'Faith'9. “Faith”

Album: Faith
Release date: April 10, 1981
Sample comments: “Because it is eerie, miserable and uplifting all at the same time. It is one of the most beautiful songs ever written and never gets old.” (Andrew), and “I like the atmosphere it creates, the repetitive drum beat, the lyrics, etc.” (Jaime)

The Cure, 'Pornography'10. “A Strange Day”

Album: Pornography
Release date: May 3, 1982
Sample comment: “This song, which I first heard via the vinyl version of Pornography that I bought … from a great record store … in Brooklyn, perfectly documents a period of my life when I was 19 and things were not looking so rosy. This song kept me going through some very dark times.” (Harold Grey)

And the rest…

11. “Close to Me” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
12. “All Cats Are Grey” (From ‘Faith’)
13. “Inbetween Days” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
14. “The Exploding Boy” (B-side to “Inbetween Days”)
15. “How Beautiful You Are” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
16. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea” (From ‘Wish’)
17. “Push” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
18. “Open” (From ‘Wish’)
19. “2 Late” (B-side to “Lovesong”)
20. “The Kiss” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)

The Cure, 'The Head on the Door'

21. “A Night Like This” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
22. “Lullaby” (From ‘Disintegration’)
23. “Untitled” (From ‘Disintegration’)
24. “10.15 Saturday Night” (B-side to “Killing an Arab”)
25. “The Big Hand” (B-side to “A Letter to Elise”)
26. “Boys Don’t Cry” (Non-album single)
27. “Homesick” (From ‘Disintegration’)
28. “The Caterpillar” (From ‘The Top’)
29. “Charlotte Sometimes” (Non-album single)
30. “Jumping Someone Else’s Train” (Non-album single)

The Cure, 'Wish'

31. “A Letter to Elise” (From ‘Wish’)
32. “Prayers for Rain” (From ‘Disintegration’)
33. “The Love Cats” (Non-album single)
34. “To the Sky” (From ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ compilation)
35. “A Chain of Flowers” (B-side to ‘Catch’ and ‘Just Like Heaven’)
36. “Catch” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
37. “Killing an Arab” (Non-album single)
38. “Six Different Ways” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
39. “Why Can’t I Be You?” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
40. “High” (From ‘Wish’)

The Cure, 'Never Enough'

41. “Harold and Joe” (B-side to “Never Enough”)
42. “Closedown” (From ‘Disintegration’)
43. “A Short Term Effect” (From ‘Pornography’)
44. “Like Cockatoos” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
45. “This Twilight Garden” (B-side of “High”)
46. “Friday I’m In Love” (From ‘Wish’)
47. “A Few Hours After This…” (B-side to “Inbetween Days”)
48. “Primary” (From ‘Faith’)
49. “Sinking” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
50. “Lovesong” (From ‘Disintegration’)

The Cure, 'Greatest Hits'

51. “Cut Here” (From ‘Greatest Hits’)
52. “The Perfect Girl” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
53. “Jupiter Crash” (From ‘Wild Mood Swings’)
54. “Cold” (From ‘Pornography’)
55. “Let’s Go to Bed” (Non-album single)
56. “Another Journey By Train” (B-side to “A Forest”)
57. “The Drowning Man” (From ‘Faith’)
58. “A Man Inside My Mouth” (B-side to “Close to Me”)
59. “Bird Mad Girl” (From ‘The Top’)
60. “Underneath the Stars” (From ‘4.13 Dream’)

The Cure, 'Why Can't I Be You?'

61. “A Japanese Dream” (B-side to “Why Can’t I Be You?”)
62. “Doing the Unstuck” (From ‘Wish’)
63. “M” (From ‘Seventeen Seconds’)
64. “The Figurehead” (From ‘Pornography’)
65. “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
66. “One More Time” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
67. “Never Enough” (From ‘Mixed Up’)
68. “Bananafishbones” (From ‘The Top’)
69. “Last Dance” (From ‘Disintegration’)
70. “Play for Today” (From ‘Seventeen Seconds’)

The Cure, 'The Walk'

71. “Lament” (B-side to “The Walk”)
72. “To Wish Impossible Things” (From ‘Wish’)
73. “Carnage Visors” (B-side to ‘Faith’ cassette)
74. “The Blood” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
75. “A Foolish Arrangement” (B-side to “A Letter to Elise”)
76. “A Pink Dream” (B-side to “Mint Car”)
77. “39” (From ‘Bloodflowers’)
78. “Happy the Man” (B-side to “The Caterpillar”)
79. “Kyoto Song” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
80. “Siamese Twins” (From ‘Pornography’)

The Cure, 'Bloodflowers'

81. “Bloodflowers” (From ‘Bloodflowers’)
82. “More Than This” (From ‘The X-Files: The Album’)
83. “The Funeral Party” (From ‘Faith’)
84. “Grinding Halt” (From ‘Three Imaginary Boys’)
85. “Burn” (From ‘The Crow’ soundtrack)
86. “The Upstairs Room” (B-side to “The Walk”)
87. “Pornography” (From ‘Pornography’)
88. “Subway Song” (From ‘Three Imaginary Boys’)
89. “Out of this World” (From ‘Bloodflowers’)
90. “A Reflection” (From ‘Seventeen Seconds’)

The Cure, '4.13 Dream'

91. “This. Here and Now. With You.” (From ‘4.13 Dream’)
92. “The Only One” (From ‘4.13 Dream’)
93. “Treasure” (From ‘Wild Mood Swings’)
94. “There Is No If…” (From ‘Bloodflowers’)
95. “I’m Cold” (B-side to “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”)
96. “Secrets” (From ‘Seventeen Seconds’)
97. “This Morning” (B-side to “The End of the World”)
98. “Without You” (B-side to “The Perfect Boy”)



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