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Ex-Bauhaus leader and big-screen vampire Peter Murphy finally shot back at would-be tourmate Brendan Perry today, slamming the former Dead Can Dance “other half” in an open letter for his “pretentious musical tourism” and threatening to “take no hesitation in suing your bad ass.”

Murphy, in a letter posted on his Facebook page, responds to statements made by Perry last month following the collapse of a planned joint 100-date world tour. On his own message board, Perry blamed Murphy, writing, “The guy has too many albeit mysterious health issues to deal with and, to be honest, he’s a sandwich short of a picnic.”

In his letter to Perry, Murphy writes that he “mistook you for a better person,” and derisively suggests the musician should “write angry depressive ‘Goth’ songs that would be a good big market for you.” Murphy closes with a legal threat, suggesting that “if I find any serious libel in print up there on the web, I tell you, and from the real Irish fucker that I can be, I will take no hesitation in suing your bad ass.” (Read whole letter below.)

Perry announced the joint trek last fall, reporting it would start in March “in South America via Mexico to North America and then on to Europe.” Murphy never announced touring plans himself, and apparently was suffering from an undisclosed health issue earlier this year, which forced him to cancel a planned February webcast.

Yesterday, however, Murphy announced he’ll release a new studio album called Ninth this fall, following his worldwide Dirty Dirt Tour, which opens in late July in Paris. Murphy also has a cameo as a vampire in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” which opens next Wednesday (see a photo of him in costume here).

Read Peter Murphy’s open letter to Brendan Perry after the jump…

Posted on Peter Murphy’s Facebook page, 6/23/10:

Peter Murphy's open letter to Brendan Perry



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