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Peter Murphy to Brendan Perry: ‘I will take no hesitation in suing your bad ass’

Peter Murphy of BauhausBrendan Perry of Dead Can Dance

Ex-Bauhaus leader and big-screen vampire Peter Murphy finally shot back at would-be tourmate Brendan Perry today, slamming the former Dead Can Dance “other half” in an open letter for his “pretentious musical tourism” and threatening to “take no hesitation in suing your bad ass.”

Murphy, in a letter posted on his Facebook page, responds to statements made by Perry last month following the collapse of a planned joint 100-date world tour. On his own message board, Perry blamed Murphy, writing, “The guy has too many albeit mysterious health issues to deal with and, to be honest, he’s a sandwich short of a picnic.”

In his letter to Perry, Murphy writes that he “mistook you for a better person,” and derisively suggests the musician should “write angry depressive ‘Goth’ songs that would be a good big market for you.” Murphy closes with a legal threat, suggesting that “if I find any serious libel in print up there on the web, I tell you, and from the real Irish fucker that I can be, I will take no hesitation in suing your bad ass.” (Read whole letter below.)

Perry announced the joint trek last fall, reporting it would start in March “in South America via Mexico to North America and then on to Europe.” Murphy never announced touring plans himself, and apparently was suffering from an undisclosed health issue earlier this year, which forced him to cancel a planned February webcast.

Yesterday, however, Murphy announced he’ll release a new studio album called Ninth this fall, following his worldwide Dirty Dirt Tour, which opens in late July in Paris. Murphy also has a cameo as a vampire in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” which opens next Wednesday (see a photo of him in costume here).

Read Peter Murphy’s open letter to Brendan Perry after the jump…

Posted on Peter Murphy’s Facebook page, 6/23/10:

Peter Murphy's open letter to Brendan Perry



  1. Given– Yes, I’ll “still continue to like both, listen to their music” and all that, but this squabble is starting has honestly just entered the realm of mutually childish. As entertaining as it is, there’s a huge difference between making public statements (Where the goal is to ‘win’ the favor of the public) and arguing amongst themselves, calling off the tour date “based off disagreements” and leaving it at that (Where the goal would be to seek a genuine resolution from one musician to another). All this accomplishes is negative media attention (though arguably still any being “good attention”) by letting us see each make low blows. Really, as nasty as Perry’s comments on Murphy’s health were, did he really feel the need to lash out on the gothic community that has likely been the greatest to embrace either artists?

    Also, anyone else reminded of the tension left between Siouxsie and Robert after he departed from the Banshees for health/drug abuse issues?

  2. Did Robert Smith not leave the Banshees because he decided to carry on with the Cure? I believe he simply did not have enough time for both bands, and drugs had nothing to do with it.

  3. I agree with you, Araselle. I think Peter’s lashing on the Gothic community was out of hand. This petty arguing is really shameful on both their parts, which is never good for artists of their stature.

  4. goth! hee hee!

  5. As a fan who has enjoyed the thought-provoking and peace-promoting songs these fellows write, I am a bit disappointed to see them act in such an unbecoming way. All of that meditation and spiritual concentration seems to have evaporated a bit too rapidly here. C’mon, guys! You’re both too good for this, or so I would hope……

    Of course, I wasn’t there and don’t know the gory details; maybe they have a legitimate beef with each other, but that is a big maybe. It usually takes two to tango in this sort of mess. Shame on Brendan for starting the nasty comments, and shame on Peter for finding it necessary to return negativity for negativity.

  6. Well, cancelling a tour (at short notice) with Brendan for “health reasons” and then going ahead with plans for a replacement tour without Brendan despite “health issues” does seem a little suspicious, don’t you think?

    Perhaps Mr Murphy could comment on this?

  7. I agree with Jeff. These exchanges are childish and embarrassing. Why does everyone feel the need to air their dirty laundry on the internet these days? It’s so unbecoming.

  8. they should just act like men, part ways and be done with it. calling each other names and threatening lawsuits…blah.

  9. Peter accusing Brendan of “pretentious musical tourism?” Um…remember an album called “Dust?”

  10. Murphy has cancelled the 29th July date – no explaination. Perhaps lack of ticket sales?

  11. Disappointing, though somewhat unsurprising. Don’t know if anyone has followed Mr Perry’s forum over the last few months, but he makes regular appearances to shout down, belittle and humiliate his somewhat sycophantic “fans”. I don’t know about Mr Murphy, but Mr Perry appears to be an angry so-and-so from what I can tell. It’s a shame…I am a very big fan of works by both gentlemen and agree with the sentiment that this is extremely disappointing and childish.

  12. Jeff Locher

    Im w/Peter on this one. I dont know who the other guy is(I know who DCD are), and really, wouldnt care to see him in concert. However, I would pay to see Peter, as he’s a amzing live.

    Love you Pete….

  13. Well, at least Perry can now call Murphy “a real Irish fucker” without fear of libel

  14. Murphy was born in Northampton so I guess that just makes him a fucker?

    I’m liking Murphy’s new ‘reality’ approach to naming his albums, I can only assume that after his ninth album ‘Ninth’ the tenth will be called ‘Shite’ and the 11th ‘I Am A Massive Wanker’.

  15. Perhaps they assume this exchange might raise them above the level of mediocrity both gentlemen have wallowed in over the past decade?

  16. I urge both Perry and Murphy to write “angry depressive ‘Goth’ songs”, as we don’t like your other stuff much.

  17. KEN
    shut up you tit.
    you are obviously unable to evolve.

  18. J
    July 19th, 2010 at 5:49 am
    I urge both Perry and Murphy to write “angry depressive ‘Goth’ songs”, as we don’t like your other stuff much.
    What this person said. LOL!

  19. I’m in Kenneth’s corner (posted 6/24/10)…..

    I love both of these artists & the music they have given to the world…but am disappointed that these two men have to behave like total egomaniacs(sniff)- I expected so much more from them….

  20. We see the world as we are there is no objective world out there to be seen…

    The birds of leaving call to us,
    Yet here we stand
    Endowed with the fear of flight.

    The winds of change consume the land,
    While we remain
    In the shadow of summers now past.

    When all the leaves
    Have fallen and turned to dust,
    Will we remain
    Entrenched within our ways.

    The plague that moves throughout this land
    Omen signs
    In the shapes of things to come.
    Tomorrow’s child is the only child.”

  21. what a funny fight, and I just read it now.

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